Why Self Storage Is Important for College Students

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As a student, the build-up to finals always means one thing; moving out of your dorm or on-campus apartment and heading back home for the break. Of course, before you can do that, you need to pack up and move all your stuff out, a heavy chore, especially if you’ve accumulated more stuff than you brought when the college year started. To help, iStorage compiled the following vital information to complete this final school task before your break or to just declutter your dorm room. It’s all about why self storage is important for college students. Keep reading to learn more about this alternative to storing your things during the break and during school!

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Why College Students Choose iStorage

College self storage units from iStorage are available all over the United States. They offer summer break storage, winter break storage, and dorm organization solutions that keep you from transporting college belongings back home. Most iStorage facilities provide self storage near campus, and some have moving trucks to help you transport your college belongings.

All iStorage facilities provide affordable and secure storage options for all your college or university stuff, including furniture, bicycles, books, supplies, you name it! Many sell boxes and supplies when you’re packing for storage, some have climate-controlled storage units, and all have added security features. In short, storing your things near campus is a much better alternative than moving everything back home.

Benefits of Using Self Storage for College Students

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You’ll receive many excellent benefits when you use a storage unit to store your college stuff. (They’re great for maximizing storage space in your dorm!)

Storage is Easier than Taking Everything Back Home

Packing all your belongings is already a lot of work. Renting a truck, loading it, and driving back home with all your stuff is much more. When you rent a storage unit, you can start transporting when you have free time. Many students find they don’t even need to rent a truck as they can put most of their stuff into their cars. It’s one of the best summer and winter break storage solutions for college students!

Self Storage is Great When Taking a Semester Off

Many students take a semester off to travel, work or discover other things that interest them. If that’s you and you plan to return to school afterward, storing your belongings in a self storage unit is perfect. When you get back, all your things will already be near campus, waiting for you to pick them up and bring them to your new dorm or apartment. Transporting college belongings all over the place? No, thank you!

For Student Studying Abroad, Self Storage is Perfect

Are you planning to study in another country for a semester? If yes, storing all your things while you’re gone will make it much easier when you get back. Everything will be close to your college or university and waiting for you to take them out and set them up in your new apartment or dorm room.

Less Chance for Belongings to Get Damaged

Moving is genuinely hard on furniture and belongings of all kinds, especially if you’re moving long distances. Yes, the moving truck provides some protection, but bouncing and banging down the highway for hours, puts a considerable amount of stress and strain on furniture. Plus, if packing for storage isn’t your forte, long-distance moving back and forth to school can increase the chances of damaging some of your most valuable things. Storing your items locally in an iStorage self storage unit means you only have to transport them a short distance, so the chance of damage or destruction is much less.

Benefits of Using Self Storage for Students During School

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There are several excellent reasons to store your college stuff in a self storage unit while you’re at school (not just during breaks). Look below for the best reasons to rent a storage unit during the semester.

You’ll Have Extra Room in Your College Dorm or Apartment

If you’re at school with your bicycle, golf clubs, and any other gear, you need to enjoy the college experience; your dorm will get filled fast! Most college dorms and apartments are tiny, with just enough room for a few basics like a bed, desk, and chair and… that’s about it. Renting a storage unit allows you to keep your dorm from looking like a massive, overstuffed closet!

“What about when I need my stuff?” we hear you asking. We think you’ll agree; getting your things whenever you need them is a big plus of renting a unit. That’s the best part! It’s easy to get in and out of your storage unit, and most iStorage locations have extended opening hours to access your storage unit early or late.

Storage Sizes for College Students

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Self storage units come in many different sizes, and college students usually rent smaller sizes. However, some students rent larger units to store their things with friends or other students. A 5’x5′ or 5’x10′ storage unit is common for students as the amount of belongings a college student may have is usually minimal.

Each situation varies and some other sizes might fit your needs better. To help you figure it out, iStorage has our convenient storage unit size guide. Check it out before renting, and if you still have questions, talk to the on-site manager at your local iStorage location or call today.

What is a Climate-controlled Storage Unit and Do You Need It?

Climate-controlled storage units keep the unit’s interior at a stable temperature and humidity throughout the year. These units never freeze and never get sweltering hot, so they protect your things at a higher level than regular storage units. Do you need one for your typical college stuff? It depends on if you have the following items:

  • High-end electronics
  • School uniforms (Band, cheerleading, etc.)
  • Medical supplies
  • Antiques
  • A wine collection
  • Valuable collectibles
  • Temperature sensitive belongings
  • Wooden furniture

Store Your College Stuff Safely and Affordably with iStorage

If you’re in school and need student storage, iStorage is your best choice! Our self storage units are clean, safe, secure, and located near many of America’s best colleges and universities! If you’re unsure what you need, check out our Storage FAQ. If you are searching for convenient features such as 24 hour access or drive-up storage units, contact your nearest iStorage to check for availability! When ready, click, call, or reserve your storage units online today with iStorage. Best of luck with your studies!