Live life on your schedule, with 24 hour storage units


About 24 hour storage units

With today's hectic lifestyles, visiting your storage unit during normal storage access hours can be difficult. The 24-hour access offered by many of our storage facilities fits your busy schedule and allows you to visit your belongings whenever free time presents itself. The added features of 24-hour video security cameras, electronic gate and door controlled access, and well-lit surroundings ensure your safety at any hour.

When you need 24 hour storage units

24-hour access is priceless whether you're storing personal or business items.

Self Storage

If life were simple, you would need access to your stored belongings only during normal business hours. For most people, however, this is not the case. Whether you're living the single life, managing a family, or running a business, you need to be able to visit your storage unit at any time. 24/7 access from iStorage means no rushing through meetings or hurrying kids into the car to get to your unit before we close. Life is busy enough. A 24-hour storage means one less thing to stress about.

Vehicle Storage

With 24 hour storage, you don't have to cut your weekend at the lake short so you can drop off your boat or RV during business hours. Start your weekend as early as you want, and maximize time spent vacationing with our 24-hour access.

Business Storage

Your business may only be open eight or nine hours a day, but operating that business is a 24-hour a day job. It's your life. If you don't have the room on site to store inventory, a storage unit with 24-hour access is a great option. Focus on running your business during business hours. Visit your storage unit on your way to your business or after hours. Late night, early morning or last-minute surprises don't have to leave you feeling stuck or trapped when you can get what you need from storage at any hour. The ability to get to your inventory 24 hours a day, seven days a week, also means you don't have to turn away a customer because you don't have the right inventory available. Save the sale, and tell them you can have it later that day or the next day.


Advantages of our 24-hour storage units include:

  • Convenience - Plan visits to your belongings on your schedule, not ours.
  • Security - Fenced and fully lit locations keep you safe at all hours. Video security cameras and gated security provide added safety.
  • Emergencies - Get to whatever you need in your unit when an emergency arises.
  • Privacy - Enjoy the freedom of 24-hour access without being bothered by others.

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Self Storage Locations

iStorage has a wide selection of self storage facilities across 23 states. Search for a secure and affordable storage unit near you.

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