Drive-Up Storage: The perfect solution for a spacious garage


About drive-up storage

Got boxes and boxes of holiday decorations way back in a corner of the garage? Is there barely room for the lawn mower that goes untouched during the winter months? Drive-up storage is the perfect solution to these problems. It's also great for storing large items like appliances while waiting to move into a new home. The ability to pull right up to the storage unit makes getting any size item out of a vehicle and into storage quick and easy. Whatever your need, our storage professionals can help find the right solution for you.

When you need drive-up storage

Drive-up self storage meets a variety of needs for homeowners, renters, businesses, and retailers. Units are typically the size of a one-car garage, making them perfect for personal items like toys, sports equipment, appliances, and seasonal items. Businesses find value in using drive-up storage units for storing equipment, files, signs, and seasonal inventory. Whether personal or commercial use, there's plenty of room for boxes of any items that are not needed year round. Drive-up storage at iStorage can free up space at any home or business.

Advantages of drive-up storage

Drive-up storage is the perfect solution for businesses and homes with jam-packed storage closets. Got a garage that's so full of off-season items that something falls every time someone opens the door? Drive-up storage can help. Here are just a few of the advantages of drive-up storage.

  • The ability to park right at the door of a drive-up storage unit makes it easy to keep an eye on items as they are moved from the vehicle to the unit. For people with small children who also need their constant attention, this is especially beneficial.
  • Because the vehicle is parked right next to the storage unit, transferring belongings from the vehicle to the drive-up storage unit is fast. The short distance required to get the items into or out of storage means the task is less physically demanding than usual.
  • Drive-up access means no more trying to maneuver a large appliance through a doorway or an awkwardly shaped piece of furniture through hallways. Belongings go straight from vehicle to storage with ease.
  • Ground level access provides extra convenience. Ever had to carry heavy boxes up or down stairways? What about the exhausting task of two people at either end of a sofa trying to carry it up or down a staircase? Gone are those days with ground level access.

iStorage has the perfect solution for a wide range of storage needs. Contact us today and find out about our move in promotions. Find space for what matters at iStorage.


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