Moving to Miami from NYC Tips

New York City is, without a doubt, one of the world’s most incredible cities. It’s the city that never sleeps and a bastion of finance, culture, and art. Despite everything it offers, though, New York City has a few downsides. Frigid winters, for example, as well as a very high cost of living. Indeed, the Big Apple is one of the most expensive cities on the planet. That’s why many New Yorkers are considering moving to Miami from NYC.

Moving from NYC to Miami

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Miami, like the rest of the state of Florida, has no state income taxes, for example. The weather and climate are far different, with nary a flake of snow in sight. Palm trees are everywhere in Miami, and the sun shines on them about 250 days a year! Miami also offers world-class amenities on a par with New York City and a lifestyle that’s far more relaxed. In other words, it’s no surprise so many folks from “up north” move here.

If you’re moving to Miami from NYC, we’ve compiled some top tips for you below. It’s actionable, real-world info that will help you save money, time, and energy. If making your move from New York to Miami less stressful and more successful is your goal today, read on!

Moving from NYC to Miami
New Yorkers walking in one of NYC’s classic harsh winters.

TIP #1: Start Planning, Like Yesterday

Yes, the headline is tongue-in-cheek, but the advice isn’t; the earlier you start planning, the better. Here’s the thing; moving from NYC to Miami isn’t something you do every day, or even every lifetime. The last thing you want is to rush everything at the last minute. Not only do you need to be ready, but many other people also need to be ready. That includes movers, real estate agents, utility company employees, and more. Your family needs to be also prepared, so they bring what they need but leave behind the rest. Below are a few ways to start planning today:

  • Call 3 or 4 moving companies and schedule a salesperson to give you a moving estimate.
  • Start making lists, either on paper or using an app, of all the tasks you need to do.
  • Tell family, friends, and colleagues that you’re moving. (It will give them more time to process their emotions and be ready when you leave.)
  • Start going through your things and deciding what to do with them. (More on this in the next Tip.)
Moving from NYC to Miami

TIP #2: Save $$$ on Moving Costs, Pack Light

If there’s one word that comes to mind when moving from NYC to Miami, it’s this one; expensive. Remember, we’re talking about a distance of almost 1300 miles! Then there’s the labor, timing, boxes, taxes, insurance, and several other items. Altogether, moving a 3-bedroom home from NYC to Miami costs between $5000 and $8000!

However, the good news is that the less you take with you, the less your move will cost. That’s because movers charge based on weight and truck space (volume). The less of each you have, the less you’ll pay for your move! If saving money is one of your moving goals, paring down your things is vitally important. Here’s how:

  1. Only keep things that you truly need, want, or use. If you’ve got something that doesn’t match one of those three criteria, you shouldn’t move it.
  2. Donate gently used items to charities like Goodwill and your local church.
  3. Sell more valuable items you don’t want any more online. (Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist work well.)
  4. Toss things that are truly broken and worthless in the trash. (Responsibly, of course.)

One last thing is this; you won’t need any winter gear, clothing, or accessories in moving from NYC to Miami. For example, you won’t need to move your snow shovel or your fur-lined parka. That big box of winter gloves, mittens, and hats in the closet? You can give those to the needy because you’re not going to need them anymore. (Maybe keep one for when you visit?) Remember, Miami is hot, or at least warm, the entire year, and snow is a 4-letter word! You simply won’t need that winter stuff any longer.

Moving from NYC to Miami

TIP #3: Switch Your Utilities from NYC to Miami

Making lists when moving is always a great idea. These days it’s even easier, too, because of list-making apps you can put on your phone. On paper or your phone, however, one crucial list is all utilities you need to disconnect and reconnect. The typical American family uses at least eight utilities and services. All of them in New York City need to be disconnected. Most, or all, will also need to be reconnected once you have a new place in Miami. Also, remember that, nowadays, most utility companies ask for a 30-day window to perform both. Below is a list of most of the major utilities and services, including:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Garbage
  • Internet services
  • Cable TV
  • Gym, Golf, and other Memberships
  • Lawn and Pool Maintenance services
  • Maid and Laundry services

TIP #4: Get Miami Storage Before Leaving NYC

A lot of folks moving from NYC to Miami arrive still needing a new place to live. For that reason, many reserve a storage unit in Miami, Florida, online before they leave the Big Apple. That way, they can ensure a clean, safe storage unit will be ready when they arrive. Also, it gives new arrivals more time to search for a new Miami neighborhood and home.

Storage Units at 8105 Park Boulevard in Miami, FL 33126

At iStorage, we have several self-storage locations in Miami, Florida. All of them have clean, safe, and secure storage units at affordable prices. They also have 24/7 security and on-site managers to make things even safer. 

If you have any questions about storage units in Miami, you can chat with us online. Even better, visit one of our Miami, Florida self-storage locations. The on-site manager will be more than happy to help you in any way they can.

We hope the moving tips we offered today were helpful. Best of luck moving from NYC to Miami! If it’s wintertime, rest assured that you’re going to be glad you did once you arrive!

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