New Build Homes in Detroit, MI: What to Look For

With some of the best housing values in the United States, getting in on those new build homes in Detroit, MI is an excellent idea. There are so many pros to living in Detroit. Lots are very affordable, the city itself is on the rise and the rent-to-value in Detroit is sky-high. Indeed, metro Detroit is almost legendary these days for its housing and construction market. Plus, with a very proactive government in place, things are only going to get better for the foreseeable future.

Like any big American city, there are certain factors that you need to consider when planning for a home in Detroit. The city is, of course, massive and has many different communities where you could choose to build your home. Choosing a lot means picking one of them, of course, or you could choose a lot that’s somewhere on its own. Wherever you choose, you want to make sure it’s close to the amenities you want and need. That way you can spend your days enjoying life rather than driving all over the city. To help you do just that, we’ve put together this handy list of tips for new build homes in Detroit, MI!

new build homes in detroit, mi

Tip #1: Visit Detroit Several Times Before You Purchase a Lot

This might seem a bit frivolous but the fact is that many people come here once, look around and make their choice. Detroit has a lot of different areas, however, and you may love some of them while others not so much. The last thing you want is to build a home in an area where you won’t be happy long-term.

That’s why we suggest you come here and spend some time on several trips. Even better, come here during different times of the year, as Detroit has different benefits and challenges based on weather. Visiting the city several times will also give you the time to experience the area rather than just driving through. That’s the best way to know if you really, truly love an area, or just like it somewhat. Before you lay down your roots, you should be 100% sure that you love the area where you’re planning to build.

Tip #2: Plan Everything Out As Detailed As You Can

They say “the devil is in the details” and, when building a home in Detroit, that couldn’t be more true. Whether you’re building a cabin, a ranch, or a sprawling estate, you should make solid plans for what you want. That way, you’ll have a very firm idea in your head of what the result should look like.

A mistake that many make is to purchase a lot and then start planning. We recommend against this because it could lead to problems. For example, maybe the lot faces north but you want your home to face south. Maybe you need to be near to excellent healthcare facilities but the lot you purchased isn’t. Get your questions answered first. That way, there won’t be any huge delays or disappointments once the builders get started.

Tip #3: Rent a Self-Storage Unit to Store Valuable Building Supplies

Like any big city, you need to be careful about what you leave out around Detroit, especially when building. Things have a habit of walking away on their own, especially lumber, insulation, windows, doors, and ceramic tiles. That’s why many people building a home rent a storage unit in Detroit from iStorage.

With iStorage, builders can safely store building supplies like wood flooring, new appliances, and more. The front gates here are keypad-controlled and very large, so their trucks will get in and out just fine. All of our locations are also well-lit at night and have extended hours. If your builders need to get in early or deliver something late it’s not a problem. With on-site managers and 24/7 video cameras rolling, your building supplies will be in good hands with iStorage. Plus, you can have stuff delivered right here, saving your builders the extra trip from your lot.

Tip #4: Choose An Architect for New Build Homes in Detroit

When building a home in Detroit it’s always best if your architect and builder are on the same page. That way, one can advise the other and vice-versa. This will save you all sorts of headaches right from the start. We recommend choosing an architect first. Then, once you have, ask for their recommendations about local builders. They will usually have a short but solid list of the best they recommend because they know their work is excellent.

new build homes in detroit, mi

Tip #5: Work With Your Architect To Get the Details Just Right

No matter what type of home you plan to build, work closely with your architect to makes sure it fits your vision. For example, do you want a Victorian style or a ranch? 3 bedrooms with the master downstairs or 4 will all upstairs? Do you want lots of big, picture windows or smaller windows that give you more wall space?

There are so many details to look at when building a home in Detroit. Sure, you can give your architect a list of what you want and let them take it from there. But. if you want the home of your dreams, you should give them as much input as possible. By the way, that’s why choosing a Detroit architect is a good idea. They will know all about the city and its quirks and be able to give you excellent advice. We recommend that, in most cases, you listen closely to them.

Tip #6: Should You Be Your Own Detroit Contractor?

Like many areas of the U.S., Detroit allows people to build their own homes. If you do, you’ll technically be an ‘owner-builder’, and the contractor of your own home. The more important question, however, is this; should you do that, or should you let a contractor build your Detroit home?

Here’s a fact; unless you were a qualified contractor where you lived previously, you’re probably not qualified to build your own home. (No offense, we’re just stating facts.) For example, you’ll need a deep knowledge of Detroit’s building codes if you build your own home. And, unless you can do everything, you’ll need to know a small army of contractors. That includes plumbers, electricians, drywall installers, roofers, floor experts, and more. If you don’t you’ll have to find and hire all of them, which could be an immense amount of work.

For those reasons and many more we highly recommend that you find yourself an excellent general contractor. Yes, they don’t come cheaply, but a qualified, experienced general contractor will make your life much easier. They can oversee everything, and have a long list of reputable contractors they already know and have worked with. Also, they’ll know exactly what you need as far as licenses, inspections, codes, and so forth.

Tip #7: Plan For New Build Homes in Detroit, MI To Take About 2 Years

In Detroit, as well as the rest of the USA, having a new home built takes a lot of time. There are so many moving parts, and there will be setbacks too. For example, in winter, there will be days when construction will be impossible due to the cold and snow. Materials and supplies can get delayed and, occasionally, you might want to change something, which could set the project back. Below is a list of the major milestones when building a home in Detroit:

  • Preparing the Lot for Building
  • Pouring The Foundation and Footings
  • Installing the Electric and Plumbing in the Foundation
  • Pouring the concrete slab
  • Framing, siding, and roofing
  • Installing electrical, plumbing: and insulation
  • Hanging drywall and installing trim
  • Painting and finish work
  • Installing the flooring
  • Final details and inspections

Tip #8: Don’t Let Delays Get You Down with New Build Homes in Detroit, MI

Like anywhere in the country, when building a home in Detroit there will almost always be delays. Winter here in Detroit can be long and cold, which will delay things sometimes for months. If you order any custom items like bay windows or a stone fireplace, you might experience delays.

In short, if you’re going to build a home in Detroit iStorage is here to help in many different ways. When you’re ready, reserve your storage unit online. It’s safe, convenient and there’s no deposit necessary! And by the way, we’re glad you’re making Detroit your home