Top 10 Things to Do in Cincinnati, Ohio

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If you’re moving to Cincinnati, Ohio, and are wondering what this highly-rated U.S. city offers, the information below is for you! Cincinnati has everything from Eden Park to the Bengals of the NFL, excellent museums, and a unique riparian lifestyle!

To discover the best of what Cincinnati has to offer and prepare yourself to have an excellent, exciting, and delicious time in The Queen City, read on! iStorage, the Cincinnati storage experts, have 10 things to do in Cincinnati below, plus helpful information about the city to get your new life started on a high note!

Best Things to Do in Cincinnati, OH

1. Explore the Cincinnati Art Museum

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One of the premier art museums in the United States, the Cincinnati Art Museum has works from the masters and modern artists alike. It’s been a Cincinnati staple since 1886!

2. Cheer for the Cincinnati Bengals at Paycor Stadium

They might not have won a Super Bowl (yet), but the Cincinnati Bengals are a perennial powerhouse in the NFL, and current QB Joe Burrow is one of the best in the league!

3. See the City from on High at the Carew Tower

An Art Deco masterpiece first built in the 1930s, the view of Cincinnati from atop the Carew Tower is, in a word, spectacular!

4. Cruise the Ohio River on a Riverboat

The Ohio River has long been known as one of the most important in American history. Today, you can see the sights and experience the glory of this mighty river. Both day and night tours take you back to the late 1800s when riverboats were the primary mode of transport!

5. Feel the Excitement at Kings Island

About 30 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, you’ll find all the excitement you can handle at Kings Island Amusement Park!

6. Explore the Shops and Eateries of Findlay Market

A prime shopping and dining spot, Findlay Market is a Cincinnati favorite and one not to be missed!

7. Get Your Cuppa’ Joe at BLOC Coffee Company

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Independent, alternative, and unique, BLOC Coffee Company is the definition of what makes a great coffee house!

8. Experience World-Class Barbecue at Eli’s BBQ

Beloved by locals, Eli’s BBQ offers some of what made Cincinnati famous, including world-class ribs, beef hot dogs, and pulled pork burgers. Pair it with a local brew, and your tastebuds will be in BBQ heaven!

9. Take a Lovely Stroll along Cincinnati’s Riverwalk

You haven’t seen Cincinnati until you’ve taken the city in while strolling the Riverwalk! Set aside a few hours on a sunny spring day (or any day you like) and see the city from all the best vantage points!

10. Tap Into some Adult Beverages at MadTree Brewing Co.

Fancy a delicious microbrew while sitting in an industrial warehouse that takes you back to the turn of the century? If yes, MadTree Brewing is the place to sip, nosh, and make memories!

What’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Cincinnati, OH

Locals will tell you that the best time of year to visit is from late April through June, but we recommend staying through September and into October. That way, you’ll benefit from the warm days but cool nights, which are excellent for sleeping.

Some Factors to Consider if Moving to Cincinnati, OH

How’s the Weather?

If there’s one thing you can count on in Cincinnati, it’s cloudy weather. That’s not to say that summertime isn’t warm and humid, and winter isn’t extremely cold and filled with snow. For about 7 months of the year, you’ll find either partial or complete cloud cover. The average low in January is 25°F, with more than a fair amount of snow. The snowiest month of the year is February, while humid days are most common from June through September.

What’s the Cost of Living like?

One of the best reasons to live in Cincinnati is the affordability. With a cost of living of 86.8/100, the Queen City is about 13% lower than the U.S. average. Cincinnati’s healthcare is also very affordable, with a cost index of 89.4/100. Even transportation is lower at 93.6/100. As we’ll see next, however, the real gem is the housing cost index. (Just FYI, the U.S. average is 100.)

Is Cincinnati’s Real Estate Affordable?

With a housing index of 68.6, Cincinnati is more than 31% lower than the United States average regarding home prices. The median home cost is $210,800, nearly $130,000 less than the U.S. average. Considering Cincinnati’s population of almost 310,000 people and the median income of $45,235, affordable housing is an excellent reason to move to Cincinnati.

How Well Are Schools Ranked?

Although you can find some excellent schools in Cincinnati, the fact is that overall, the city is rated a C+, which is not exactly a glowing ranking. One of the standouts is Walnut Hills High School, which gets an A+ (the #4 H.S. in the state), and Turpin High School (#27). Mariemont Elementary School (#49) and Wilson Elementary School (#69) get an A. However, it’s worth noting that over half of the 126 public schools in Cincinnati are rated a C, which is average.

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