7 Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

Vinyl records are a throwback to an earlier time in music history, with the very first released in 1931. The first vinyl record was 12 inches and made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC. If you have an impressive collection of vinyl records and need to store them safely, good news! Below we have a list of 7 vinyl record storage ideas that will help you do exactly that! Read on to ensure your collection of vinyl tunes stays pristine in storage.

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1. Store your Vinyl Records in a Box

This idea might sound like a no-brainer since anything can go in a box. If you’re putting your records in storage, leaving them in an open crate is not a good idea. First off, they will be fully exposed. If, for example, something falls on them, it could be a disaster. Also, stacking crates of vinyl records isn’t as easy as it sounds. The plastic or wood of the crate can crush or damage the records below. The best way to avoid these problems is to put your vinyl in a 1.5 cubic foot moving box (A “book box.”). Book boxes are perfect for vinyl records because they fit inside the box perfectly, standing on their edge. Plus, you can stack book boxes much easier than crates when filled. However, we recommend not stacking them more than three high.

2. Metal Shelving Units can handle the Weight of your Vinyl Collection

Vinyl records can get heavy fast. A book box full of vinyl records weighs between 65 and 70 pounds. Stacking those boxes on top of each other would work but wouldn’t be very healthy for your vinyl. Rather than stacking, we suggest purchasing a strong metal storage rack or shelving unit. (Big-box home improvement stores sell them for less than $100.00.) Most come with 5 shelves and hold 3 book boxes per shelf, easily storing 15 boxes of LP vinyl records. Better still, none of them would be at the bottom of a heavy stack. That would prevent your vinyl from bending, warping, cracking, and any damage.

7 Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

3. Use a Vinyl Storage Case to Fully Protect your Vinyl Records in Storage

There are a wide variety of storage containers for vinyl records, it’s true. One of the best we’ve seen is from a company called Classic Acts. It’s made of aluminum, so it’s truly heavy-duty. It’s twice as long as an LP and thus can hold double the number a book box can hold. (Upwards of 150 vinyl albums.) Since it’s strong, stacking these storage boxes is not a problem. They will distribute the weight, and your vinyl will stay in great condition. They’re also much sturdier and will last longer than a cardboard box. They are, however, rather costly at about $83.00 each. Still, if you hold your vinyl record collection dear to your heart, these storage cases are worth the investment.

4. Rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

If there’s one thing that can damage a vinyl record quickly, it’s high heat. Now, here’s the thing; a regular storage unit, while safe, isn’t protected from temperature spikes. If you live where it gets brutally hot in the summer, your records could have exposure to damaging temperatures. In a climatecontrolled storage unit, however, the temperature is between 50℉ and 80℉ the entire year. That’s well within the limits that a vinyl record can handle without getting damaged. Yes, climate-controlled storage units cost slightly more than regular storage units. However, if you have a fantastic collection of plastic, it’s worth the extra cost.

5. Never Store Vinyl in the Attic or Basement

As we now know, vinyl has a hard time dealing with heat. Also, album covers don’t exactly like damp, musty places because it damages their delicate cardboard. That’s why you should never store your vinyl records in your attic or basement. The attic is simply too hot and the basement too damp. (A fully finished basement with a dehumidifier running 24/7 would be an exception.)

7 Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

6. Use Clear, Plastic Record Boxes

If you plan to play some records while they’re in storage, you need to be able to find them easily. However, if you have a lot and are all stored in closed containers, that can be difficult. To the rescue, come clear, plastic vinyl record boxes. Just as the name suggests, they’re made of heavy-duty clear plastic. That way, you can see the records inside and quickly find the one you’re looking for. Plus, they stack easily!

7. Rent a Storage Unit as your Vinyl Record Vault

Let’s say you have a large collection of vinyl records but don’t have enough space to store them at home. If that’s the case, renting a storage unit and using it as your vinyl record storage vault is perfect. You’re allowed to go in and out of your storage unit as often as you like during normal hours. (Usually between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.) You can stay as long as you want and organize your vinyl records to your heart’s content. Many people do exactly that! They rent a storage unit big enough to set up a table and chairs so they can organize their collection. As suggested in idea #4, renting a climate-controlled storage unit is a great way to protect your vinyl records best.

Final Thoughts on Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

Did you discover some vinyl record storage ideas today that you will use to store your collection? We hope you did and that your vinyl records stay pristine. Here at iStorage, we help customers around the United States store their record collections and many more items every day. Our storage units are clean, safe, and secure, with 24/7 video security and on-site managers.

If you have questions about storing your vinyl record collection or anything else, click this link to visit our website. You will find links to all our storage facilities across the United States. You can also visit the iStorage self-storage facility nearest you and chat with the onsite manager in person. They can help you decide which storage unit is best for you and your precious collection of vinyl records.

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