Essential Things to Know Before Moving to San Antonio, TX

Situated on the San Antonio River banks, San Antonio, TX is the state’s 2nd most populated city. Founded in 1718, San Antonio today is a vibrant city with an eclectic mix of Texan and Mexican cultures. That culture is perfectly reflected in the River Walk, the town’s centerpiece. Winding its way through San Antonio’s downtown, River Walk is chock-full of excellent restaurants and delightful shops.

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If you’re moving to San Antonio, TX, you’re in luck! San Antonio is well known for its incredible diversity, good schools, lower cost of living, and phenomenal nightlife! Voted one of the Top 100 Best Cities to Raise a Family, this is a city other cities aspire to be. If you’d like to know why read on! We’ve got the essential things to know before moving to San Antonio, TX, below for your inspection!

san antonio tx
San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX Receives Excellent Grades On All Fronts 

The good news about San Antonio, TX, is that they get high marks all around for nightlife, diversity, housing costs, and is good for families. Indeed, the only grade where they falter a bit is crime and safety, which gets a C. (Not terrible, but it could be better.) Below are the grades we receive for all the major living factors. 

  • Public Schools- B
  • Housing- B
  • Good for Families- B-
  • Jobs- B
  • Cost of Living- B-
  • Outdoor Activities- B-
  • Nightlife- A
  • Diversity- A
  • Weather- B
  • Health and Fitness- B-
  • Commute Times- B
  • Crime & Safety- C

San Antonio is one of Texas’ Best Cities for Foodies

In 2017, UNESCO named San Antonio a Creative City of Gastronomy, a great honor indeed. You’ll find a wide range of delectable delights here, from chicken-fried oysters to tempting tacos and gourmet charcuterie. And get this; in 2017, WalletHub named San Antonio the #25 Best Overall (and Most Affordable) Foodie City! Below are the 7 Best Restaurants in San Antonio, TX!

  1. Taqueria Datapoint- There’s no lack of taquerias in San Antonio, that’s for sure. (You’ll find one on practically every block.) Taqueria Datapoint, though, is a true standout. Their mini tacos, for example, are delectable, laden with a wide variety of yummy fixings. 
  2. Curry Boys BBQ- One of the best BBQ restaurants in the city. Dishes like Brisket Smoke Show are why. It’s a decadent combination of smoked brisket smothered in green curry and served over potatoes and rice!
  3. Mi Roti- Named a Restaurant of the Year in 2019, Mi Roti is a new approach to Caribbean food. The reason why is their menu, which allows patrons to customize their own dish! 
  4. Rebelle- Billing themselves as the “finest seafood restaurant in San Antonio, TX, Rebelle is a delight for the palate. It’s located in the lovely St. Anthony Hotel, but don’t let that stop you as they offer complimentary valet parking. 
  5. 2M Smokehouse- If there’s one thing that sets San Antonio apart from the rest of the U.S., it’s barbecue. One of the best locations in the city for this Texas fave is undoubtedly 2M Smokehouse. Feeding a big group? If so, we suggest 2M Smokehouse’s chicharoni macaroni, which is not only delicious but also available by the gallon!
  6. Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery- Inspired by the coastal upbringing of their chef, Jeff Balfour, in Galveston, TX, Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery is incredible. (Their tangy tiger sauce alone is worth the visit!) 
  7. Rudy’s Seafood- A veritable San Antonio, TX institution, Rudy’s Seafood has been in operation since 1964! You have to believe that, if they’ve been around this long, it’s due to their delicious seafood food offerings!

The Cost of Living in San Antonio, TX is Affordable

One factor crucial for most American families these days is the cost of living. Being able to afford a home, good food, and healthcare is undoubtedly vital for everyone. The good news in San Antonio, TX, is that the cost of living is affordable. No, we’re not the cheapest city in America, it’s true. However, all of our major cost indices are below the national average, including housing, which is well below it. Take a look below, and we think you’ll agree; San Antonio is an affordable city:

  • Overall- 90/100
  • Groceries- 91 / 100.
  • Health Care- 93 / 100.
  • Housing- 76 / 100
  • Median home cost- $220,300 (The national average is $291,700.)
  • Utilities- 95 / 100
  • Transportation- 99 / 100
  • Miscellaneous- 96 / 100
river walk san antonio tx
River Walk in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio’s River Walk is Romantic, Exciting, and Fun

Winding through San Antonio’s downtown is River Walk, a network of walkways with shops, bars, restaurants, and public displays. One of the city’s main attractions, River Walk, is busy but surprisingly tranquil (depending on the time of day you visit). River Walk’s walkways also pass by the infamous Alamo, making it a history fanatic’s dream destination. Our recommendation; go in spring to see the fantastic Fiesta, a beautiful floating parade on the San Antonio River! Whenever you go, though, you’re sure to have a pleasant and relaxing time.

San Antonio, TX, is a Vibrant, Exciting, and Welcoming City!

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