Is the Cost of Living in Macon, GA, Affordable?

Have you recently decided to move to Macon, GA, and take advantage of everything this beautiful southern city offers? If yes, good choice! About 2 hours south of Atlanta, Macon also offers big-city amenities, as well as cultural diversity and delicious, southern-fried food. The weather here (with the exception of a few sweltering months) is excellent, and the atmosphere is all-country. In short, Macon, GA, is a fantastic place to live and work.

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But what about the cost of living in Macon, GA? Is it low, high, or somewhere in between? That’s the question we’ll answer for you below as we look at the major cost indices in Macon. It’s vital and actionable data you can use to choose your new community and new home. If that’s the financial data you’ve been searching for today, read on!

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NOTE- The cost indices we refer to below are based on the national average, which is 100. So, a cost index of 80/100 would be 20% lower than the national average, while a cost index of 120/100 would be 20% higher.

cost of living in macon ga
Macon, GA

Macon, GA, has an Overall Cost of Living That’s Very Affordable. 76/100

We’ll start today with excellent news, which is that Macon, Georgia, has an overall cost of living of 76/100. That’s 24% lower than the national average, or, in other words, 24% lower monthly mortgage payments. That’s the kind of savings that could put many families into a big, beautiful home. It could also allow you to put more money into savings for retirement or college. No matter your specific situation, saving 24% on living expenses will make a significant difference in your monthly budget.

Housing in Macon, GA, is Very Affordable. 35/100

If you’re wondering why the cost of living in Macon, Georgia is affordable, you can thank the cost of housing. With a score of 35/100, Macon is one of the most affordable cities for housing in the United States! For example, Macon is lower than Columbia SC, Lexington, KY, Memphis, TN, and South Bend, IN, all similar cities. The median home cost in Macon is $108,400, nearly 2/3 less than the US average!

In short, you’ll get much more house in Macon, GA, for the same amount of money elsewhere. Or you can get a smaller home and save big on your monthly mortgage. Some folks go really small and rent a storage unit in Macon, GA, to store a lot of their stuff. That way, they can save much more for a much bigger house in the future.

cost of living in macon ga
Macon, GA

Transportation Costs in Macon are Affordable. 85/100

Transportation costs entail owning a vehicle, paying for gas, paying for repairs, and maintenance. Then there are also taxes, fees, and highway tolls (at least in some states). Commuting time is also part of transportation costs. A shorter commute, for example, will save you money as well as time. In Macon, GA, we have a transportation cost of 85/100. That means you’ll save 15% on all of those costs and fees every month, a significant saving, no doubt. The average commute time in Macon is also lower than the national average, 21 minutes instead of 26. That might not seem like much but, at the end of an average year, it’s almost an entire day saved.

In Macon, GA, Groceries are Slightly More Affordable. 94/100

Depending on the size of your family, your grocery costs could be pretty high. That’s why saving as much as possible on groceries is vital for many American families. You’ll save about 6% on groceries in Macon, GA, as our cost index is 94/100. That might not seem substantial, but it does add up over several months. If you spend what the average family spends on groceries per month ($780), a 6% savings would be nearly $50. Extrapolate that over a year, and you’re talking about $600, almost an extra month of food for free!

Healthcare in Macon is Slightly more Affordable. 93/100

Healthcare is another cost index in Macon, GA, that, while not substantial, is still lower than the national average. Saving 7% on emergency room visits, yearly exams, and so forth could be quite helpful for many families. That’s especially true for families with young children or retirees on a fixed budget. The ability to save 7% on prescription drugs would also be a nice financial windfall for some.

macon ga
Downtown Macon, GA

Miscellaneous Expenses are Slightly More Affordable in Macon, GA. 96/100

Everyone has miscellaneous expenses no matter where they live. Haircuts, going to the nail salon, entertaining, clothing, and so forth are all (mostly) necessary expenses. You’ll save about 4% of those expenses in Macon, which can be financially advantageous.

Macon’s Utility Costs are Slightly More Expensive. 103/100

Our final cost index today is the only one in Macon, Georgia, that’s over the national average. With a cost index of 103/100, homeowners in Macon will pay 3% more on utilities than the average American household. That’s bad news in summer when it’s sweltering but better news in winter when the temperatures are typically pleasant. In other words, your utility bills in summer will be higher than in winter due to using the AC constantly.

macon ga
Macon, GA

Macon, GA is an Affordable (and Charming) American City

Thanks to our very low housing costs, the cost of living in Macon, Georgia, is quite affordable. As we mentioned earlier, we only have one cost index above the national average. That’s excellent news for any family relocating to our fine southern-fried locale!

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We wish you the very best of luck moving to our beautiful part of the state until then. We’re sure that, once you get acclimated to Macon’s vibe, you’ll be delighted you’re here.

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