The Pros and Cons of Moving to Bridgewater, NJ

If you’re moving to Bridgewater, NJ, we put together the pros and cons together to help you with your upcoming decisions. It’s actionable, real-world info that can be very useful when choosing your new home and neighborhood. Read on!

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But First, What’s it Like Living in Bridgewater, NJ?

Located in lovely central New Jersey, Bridgewater is one of the top towns in the state. Close to New York City, Bridgewater is still rural, green, and open. The shopping in and around Bridgewater is fantastic, with major shopping venues all around. There are plenty of dining options here also, featuring a diversity of cuisines that will please practically everyone’s palate.

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The Pros & Cons of Moving to Bridgewater, NJ

PRO: Bridgewater Gets Stellar Grades for Practically Everything

Typically, a town or city will get good grades for several factors. One might get exceptional grades for their low housing costs or weather. Another might get high marks for their public schools and diversity. Very few, though, will be rated highly on all the things residents value most, but Bridgewater sure comes close.

Surprisingly, Bridgewater gets high grades on everything except for our cost of living. (More on that coming up.) From our excellent public schools to healthcare, nightlife, and more, our grades would make a High School student proud. Take a look at them below, and see if you agree with us:

  • Public Schools. A-
  • Housing. B
  • Good for Families. A-
  • Jobs. B
  • Outdoor Activities. A
  • Crime and Safety. B-
  • Nightlife. A
  • Diversity. A-
  • Weather. B-
  • Health and Fitness. A
  • Commute Time. B
  • Cost of Living. C (The only Grade Lower than a B we Receive!)

CON: Commuting into New York City is a Drag

Yes, it’s a 45-mile straight shot down Route I-78 into New York City from Bridgewater, NJ. Yes, if there wasn’t any traffic, you could get there in under an hour. Unfortunately, the traffic between Bridgewater and the Big Apple can be, in a word, diabolical. Many days it will take you much longer than an hour to reach the city. Also, time spent on New Jersey’s roadways will beat your poor car to a pulp, especially in winter.

The Pros and Cons of Moving to Bridgewater, NJ

PRO: Bridgewater’s Public Schools are Some of the Best in the State

We mentioned above how Bridgewater’s public schools get an A-, which any student will tell you is excellent. Of the 14 public schools in our town, 10 of them get an A grade or better. That includes Bridgewater Raritan High School, the #41 Best Public High School in New Jersey! Milltown Primary School is here, too, the #49 Best Public Elementary School in the state. No matter where you live or move to in Bridgewater, NJ, the chance of your kids going to an excellent school is high. That’s fantastic news for any parent and a strong sign that Bridgewater puts education first.

CON: Bridgewater Can Feel Crowded and Busy

Located smack in the middle of central New Jersey, Bridgewater is a bustling and sometimes crowded place. With several superhighways passing near or through town, that’s no surprise. All the shopping and amenities bring even more folks, as well as Raritan Valley Community College right next door. That makes for a busy time whenever you leave the house, even if your destination is close.

Homes here also tend to be much closer together than in other parts of the state, with smaller yards. Still, some parts of Bridgewater are quite peaceful and quiet. That includes many of the parks here, where you can stretch your legs and free your mind. Speaking of which…

PRO: Bridgewater has Many Excellent Parks and Green Spaces

As busy as it can sometimes be, Bridgewater offers more than a few exceptional parks and green spaces to enjoy. When you move to Bridgewater, NJ, you’ll find places to walk your dog, hike, bike, and even fish close by. Softball and soccer fields are everywhere, and you’ll find fairs and other events throughout the year. Some of the top parks and green spaces in Bridgwater, NJ, include:

  • Duke Island Park. Paths along the Raritan River make this park very serene.
  • Washinton Valley Park. Wear your hiking boots to explore this top park, or bring your mountain bike!
  • Washington Rock State Park. Come for the spectacular view of New York City!
  • Colonial Park. Paved paths with fitness stations are a real draw to this park.
  • Duke Farms. Don’t miss the fantastic Orchid House!
  • Bernards Township Valley Park. A little bit of a drive but well worth it
The Pros and Cons of Moving to Bridgewater, NJ

CON: The Cost Of Living in Bridgewater is Expensive

There’s no denying the fact that Bridgewater, New Jersey, is an expensive place to live. It’s also not surprising, given the fact that we’re so close to New York City. In this part of central New Jersey, housing costs are especially high. For example, the median home price in Bridgewater is just under $540,000. Compared to the national average of $292,000 or even the New Jersey average of $398,000, that’s high.

Transportation costs in Bridgewater aren’t much lower, either with a cost index of 140/100. Unfortunately, that means you’ll pay 40% more than the national average for things like gasoline, tolls, maintenance, and car repairs when you move to Bridgewater, NJ. Throw in higher costs for healthcare, groceries, and miscellaneous expenses, and Bridgewater is undoubtedly an expensive place to reside.

Bridgewater is one of New Jersey’s Top Towns!

As we’ve seen, there are many excellent reasons for moving to Bridgewater, NJ. This quintessential New Jersey town has outstanding schools, exciting nightlife, and many more top amenities await you.

Where to store items near Bridgewater, NJ:

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