Pros and Cons of Living in Blaine Minnesota

Right next door to the metropolis of Minneapolis is charming Blaine, Minnesota. (More on that fantastic Pro below.) for that reason, many of the pros and cons of living in Minneapolis are the same for Blaine, Minnesota (without the big city lights). The weather during wintertime, for example, is C O L D cold. There’s also “lake life,” one of the best reasons to live in this part of the country.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Blaine Minnesota

Pros and Cons of Living in Blaine, Minnesota

Is Blaine, Minnesota perfect? No, but then again, no American city can claim to be perfect. Blaine, however, offers many excellent amenities and has many Pros. Enough, we believe, to greatly outweigh the cons. To find out more about both, read on! We’ve got the pros and cons of living in Blaine, Minnesota, coming right up!

PRO: Lake Life is Real, and It’s Fantastic

Living in Blaine, Minnesota, you’ll find that many families enjoy what’s known around here as lake life. What’s lake life? That’s what you get to enjoy when you live in Minnesota, known as “The Land of 10,000 Lakes”. With an abundance of lakes comes an abundance of vacation cabins at the lake, which people here eagerly and frequently use to relax.

Many cabin owners also own boats, jet skis, and other toys to use on the lake, creating a fantastic party atmosphere. That’s especially true during summer when spending time “at the cabin” is a weekly event. In our humble opinion, lake life is one of the best Pros of living in Blaine, MN. It does, however, require that you have space to store all your toys, big and small. Lots of Minnesotans who have cabins on the lake rent storage units in Blaine for that exact reason. They store their boats, jet skis, fishing gear, and more in a storage unit where they can access it quickly.

Pros and Cons of Living in Blaine Minnesota

CON: Blaine Charges High Taxes in Restaurants

When you purchase new clothing while living in Blaine, Minnesota, you’ll be happy with the fact that there are 0% taxes on clothing. However, that happiness will be short-lived when you realize that meal taxes in Blaine are almost 11%, the highest of any major metropolis. Even though the food in Blaine is excellent (see below), the extra taxes when you eat out can be severe. Income tax in Blaine can also cause a bit of sticker shock. It ranges anywhere from 5.3% to 9.85%, which is considerably higher than the national average.

PRO: The Food Scene Living in Blaine is Superb

People in Minnesota like to joke that, during the winter, there’s nothing else to do but eat and drink. While that might be true, the good news is that the food and drink in Blaine are exceptional. (The high taxes on restaurant meals notwithstanding.)

The reason why food in Blaine is so enjoyable is that we’re right next door to Minneapolis. What’s Minneapolis got to do with food, you ask? Everything! It’s a genuine foodie paradise, with many of the best restaurants in the country! Discover the Cities has a list of the 19 Best Restaurants in Minneapolis you can peruse when you get hungry! You’ll see that many are nationally recognized and awarded! In other words, living in Blaine will make your tummy very happy!

Pros and Cons of Living in Blaine Minnesota

CON: Winter Living in Blaine Can Be Long & Cold

Here’s a cold, hard fact about living in Blaine, Minnesota; seven months of the year see significant snowfall. In January, it’s not surprising to see 12 inches of snow, although December, February, and March are no slackers on snow either. Most people, interestingly, would say the cold isn’t the problem as much as the length of winters. Whatever the case, make sure you bring your heavy winter clothes because, yeah, you’ll need them.

Now, that’s not to say that Blaine doesn’t have several pleasant months. From May through September, you’ll find temperatures during the day in the high 70s and low 80s. At night, it doesn’t drop below 50 F. That’s still pretty chilly for the summer, but it makes for perfect sleeping weather, which is a plus. By the way, many folks rent storage units in Blaine to store their winter gear, supplies, and sports equipment. It’s an easy, convenient and affordable way to keep everything safe without filling up their garage.

Pros and Cons of Living in Blaine Minnesota

PRO: Living in Blaine Means a Strong Job Market

Blaine, MN, has the luxury of being right next door to Minneapolis, which has a whole list of pros and cons on its own. However, Minneapolis offers a robust job market. Many Fortune 500 companies here, including Target, Best Buy, General Mills, and 3M. However, commuting to Minneapolis can be a chore, especially in winter. Our advice; find a great job while living in Blaine Minnesota, so you don’t have to commute too far. You’ll be thankful once the snow sets in and roads get closed.

Final Thoughts on Living in Blaine, Minnesota

The people who live in Blaine would undoubtedly tell you they love their life in this northern American suburb. Living here ourselves, we’d have to agree with them. Winters can be cold but, in charming Blaine, it’s warm and inviting. Our onsite managers at every iStorage location would agree, Blaine has a lot to offer. If you’re moving here and need a Blaine storage unit, we have them at several locations around Minneapolis.

All iStorage locations are safe, secure, and clean. Better still, they’re an affordable way to store all sorts of stuff! From ice fishing gear to lake life accouterments and much more, if you need extra space, iStorage has it. Chat with us online if you have questions, or reserve your storage unit online. (It takes less than 10 minutes!) Until then, we wish you all the best in your new Blaine home! Make sure you bundle up!