Signs You Need to Clear Out Your Storage Unit

Signs You Need to Clear Out Your Storage Unit

You’ve lived a life of fun and adventure, sure it probably wasn’t a series of Indiana Jones adventures, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t picked up some treasure along the way. The trick, I have learned is how to tell what a priceless artifact of a bygone era is, and what is just junk. Upshot is that I know what is important to me, downside is most of that stuff is junk and is just taking up space in storage. If this sounds like you, and you don’t quite know what to do, you have two options: first organize your unit and you’ll probably want to start from the bottom; second is to clear out the junk. Let’s talk about that.


Before we even really get started, it is important to address the most prevalent technique for decluttering. It is a tried and true strategy for clearing out closets, it will most definitely help you clear out your indoor storage unit. After all, what is a closet but an indoor storage unit in the home? Make three piles, the first pile are things that you absolutely must keep. These would be things like baby pictures and favorite toys things that cannot be replaced. The second pile is for donations; you should put clothes you don’t wear or anything that you have that still works but isn’t being used. The last pile is junk. That lawnmower engine that you got for $5 but have no idea how to fix? The technical term for that is junk.


You know in movies when they are looking for the book-activated-secret-passage they look for dust free spots? If you didn’t know that, now you do. We are doing the opposite. If you have boxes that are absolutely covered in dust, things that haven’t been touched in years, you could probably toss it. Better yet, donate its contents to a local outreach group. You won’t know it any different than if you just tossed it. Other people will though, and that matters.


How many times have you walked into your personal storage unit, and picked up a random object that you have absolutely no idea what is or what is for? Maybe that’s just me, age is catching up to me much earlier than it should. Regardless of my failing memory, it was a moment where I learned that if I can’t think of what it is, it is very difficult to justify keeping it. Sure, there are rainy day items, but as those items start to take over the storage unit, the only solution is a purge.


No joke, I have seen storage units that had three perfectly functional lawnmowers that hadn’t been used in years. Why, you ask? Because they kept getting new lawnmowers and putting the old one in storage. Sure, that’s fine if you’re planning on selling it. If it has been hanging out in the unit for more than six months though, it’s time to either re-evaluate your asking price or get rid of it. Things that you will never use do not belong in a storage unit, just as they do not belong in your home.