The Notable Pros and Cons of Living in Tanner, AL

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At the northern edge of Alabama sits the town of Tanner, about 15 miles away from the Tennessee border. Known as the “Space Capital of America,” Tanner, AL plays a surprisingly important role in high-tech research, technology, and manufacturing. Indeed, it’s been that way since the late 1940s. That’s when they brought Dr. Werner von Braun and other significant scientists to Tanner from Germany.

If you’re moving to Tanner, AL, it’s a good bet you’d like to know more about your new town. What amenities does Tanner have to offer, for example? Does the city have plenty of green spaces and outdoor activities? Is the cost of living affordable in Tanner, AL, and what about the crime rate? If you’d like to find out, read on! Below, we’ve got the notable pros and cons of living in Tanner, AL, for your consideration.

PRO- The Cost of Living in Tanner, AL is Affordable

Of all the pros and cons of living in Tanner, Al, the cost of living is the biggest pro. With a cost index of 80/100, Tanner is 20% less expensive than the average American city. That’s a significant saving most American families will greatly appreciate, especially when the monthly bills come due. In addition, spending 20% less means more money to put in savings. Even better, you’ll have more money towards retirement or a college fund for the kids. In short, it’s a significant pro and makes Tanner an excellent financial choice for many.

CON- Relatively High Crime Rate

Considering Tanner, AL has less than 3000 residents, the crime rate here is relatively high. For example, regarding violent crime, the national average is 22.7, but Tanner is 34.6. Property crime is similarly higher at 44.1 compared to the national average of 35.4. Are these numbers extremely high? No, not particularly, especially compared to New York City. Chicago or Miami. Still, for a small town, they’re slightly concerning.

PRO- The Cost of Housing in Tanner, AL is Very Affordable

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We’ve already talked about how Tanner, AL is an affordable Alabama city. One of the main reasons for this affordability is that housing prices in Tanner are extremely low. The town has a housing cost index of 52/100, almost 50% lower than the national average! The median home cost here? It’s $196,000, nearly $100,000 less than the national average. That huge difference makes the dream of homeownership real for many families moving to Tanner.

CON- Tanner Isn’t Known for its Food and Cuisine

There is a genuine lack of restaurants in Tanner, AL, that, unfortunately, must be noted. Indeed, you won’t find more than a couple of fast-food restaurants in town. Lucky for everyone in the city, there are some excellent restaurants nearby in Athens, Oakland, and Capshaw, AL. Still, if you’re a fan of fine food and drink, you’ll need to leave Tanner to find it.

PRO- Tanner, AL has a Highly Rated High School

Being a small town, it’s no surprise Tanner, AL, has only one high school. (That would be the aptly named Tanner High School.) The good news? It’s a highly-rated high school with excellent teachers, staff, and so forth. Tanner High School is also ranked #3 as the Most Diverse Public High School in Alabama. That’s great for parents who want their kids exposed to more cultures and languages. Even better, the school is ranked #36 Best High School for Athletes in Alabama. In this part of the country, that’s a big deal!

CON- Tanner Doesn’t Offer Many Amenities in Town

The town of Tanner is what some might consider dull or boring. There’s not much to do or see, including museums, shops, and other attractions. The downtown area offers a few shops but isn’t going to light anyone’s world on fire, that’s for sure. However, as we’ll see in just a moment, there are things to do near Tanner that are exciting!

PRO- There are Plenty of Places to Enjoy the Outdoors Near Tanner, AL

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In this part of the United States, there’s a much longer window of opportunity for swimming. That’s because the temperatures here don’t get extremely cold for long periods. Autumn is typically warm, and winter is mild, with an early spring. The question is, where can you go swimming in Tanner, AL, when the sun’s shining? The answer? All the places below, including:

  • Joe Wheller State Park (Closest to Tanner, AL.)
  • David Crocket State Park
  • Spring Valley Beach Water Park
  • Lake Guntersville State Park
  • Rickwood Caverns State Park
  • Tims Ford State Park
  • Henry Horton State Park

All of these fine locations offer swimming to your heart’s content near Tanner, AL. Many of them also offer boating, fishing, water skiing, and other watery adventures! Yes, you’ll have to leave Tanner to get to them, but all are close enough for day trips. By the way, Joe Wheeler State Park is the closest to Tanner and is fantastic!

Tanner, AL is a Good Place to Live and Work

While it’s not the best town in America, Tanner, AL, has a few things going for it. The cost of living is affordable, the weather is mild, and there are places to enjoy the outdoors nearby. Plus, if you’re moving here to be in the technology industry, Tanner, AL is a great choice!

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