Things to Do After You Move

Man packing boxes

So, you packed up your whole life, found a new job, and moved to a new place? Been there. After I graduated, I packed up and moved half-way across the country, just needed something a bit different from what I had been doing. Maybe you’re in the same boat, maybe you are just moving across town. Whatever motivated the move, where ever it is that you are moving, there are a few things you should keep in mind for the move.

Check Major Appliances

If you had to move something like a stove, dishwasher, washer or dryer make sure it was not damaged in the move. Run a test cycle on them if you can to make sure that they all work. This is especially important if the mover prepared your appliances for your move, and if you got moving insurance there might be a time limit on claims. These being the big-ticket items makes them the first things that you should check.

Get Utilities Set Up

This is something you probably should have handled prior to the move, but be sure that all your services are up and running. The last thing you want is arriving in your new home, and finding that there is no hot water when you go to take a shower. It is an actual physical source of pain. My body recoiled, it was a rough experience.

Find Schools

Again, something you probably should have set up prior to moving, but sometimes these things happen fast. Be sure to find a school for your kids and have them registered as soon as you can. The worst thing you can do is put this off, and find that they have had a six-month long summer break because you never registered them.

Register to Vote

Yes, I put this on the list. It is important to remain engaged with the community, and taking an active role in the local levels of politics is a good way to start. Besides, how can you manage to someday be elected President of Earth without first being elected to the lofty position of County Treasurer? Even if that isn’t your goal, it is still good to get out and have your voice heard, especially at the local level.

Get Connected

Get a subscription to community newsletters or magazines, this will allow you to stay up-to date on major community events and will pay dividends for finding new friends in your new home. Even if you already have a few friends in the area, what harm comes from making a couple more?

Register Your Vehicle

It is no secret that out of town plates get pulled over more often. It isn’t fair, but it is certainly true. If you moved out of state, province, or country, be sure to get new plates, tags, and update your insurance. Cover all your bases, and be sure that you can roll around at the speed of sound without greater than warranted fear of the police.

Get a Library Card

Libraries may seem a bit archaic, but a library card comes with a literal wealth of knowledge and they are free. Many have learning services available to pick up new skills, movies available for check out, and some even have new video games. If nothing else, it is worth a trip to your local library to see what they have. Again, library cards are free. Just turn your stuff in on time, and you can read an entire library’s worth of literature.

Moving is hard, and does come with a lot of challenges, both before and after you manage to make it to your destination. Be sure that you have prepared everything that you need to so your move can go as smoothly as possible.

There is a chance that to accomplish your move successfully you needed to downsize your space, and find yourself in need of a storage solution. Self-storage is one good place to start, and there is a solution for all budgets and amenities for all needs. Go check them out!