Cozy Minimal Bedroom Decor Visual Guide

Countless Pinterest boards and home improvement television shows LOVE one thing; Minimalism. Minimalism a way of reducing the number of items you own to cut down on clutter while keeping your decor simple and trendy. In the words of the effervescent Marie Kondo, if the item no longer sparks joy, say goodbye. However, once you’ve gotten rid of your extra clutter, how do you decorate your space? Duh — you read this simple visual guide for cozy minimal bedroom decor. Let’s get this (minimalism) party started!

First Things, First: Put That Extra Shizz In a Storage Unit

Why is a self-storage company talking about minimal décor in the first place? Well, it’s because we’re the first step in making your Instagrammable home dreams come true. Here’s a hard and fast rule: if you haven’t worn it or used it in a year, remove it from your house. Get a storage unit if you want to keep the items in question. At iStorage, we have unit sizes and pricing to fit any budget. We promise to keep that weird art your aunt got you safe and sound until she visits. If you don’t want to keep something, donate it, upcycle it, or gift it. If all that doesn’t work, TOSS IT.

Use the 60/30/10 Rule For Colors

Have you ever heard of the 60/30/10 rule? It’s a rule that says, when choosing minimalist colors for any room, you should choose three. Then, pick one to be your dominant color, which will be 60% of the room’s color.

Next, choose a secondary, coordinating color and use it for 30% of the room. Lastly, choose the 3rd color to be your accent color. That should be used in 10% of the room. (Remember, it’s just an accent.) Follow the 60/30/10 rule and, even if you use neutral colors, your room will still ‘pop.’

Become a Crazy Plant Lady

One of the best ways to quickly decorate a bare bedroom is using live, indoor plants. Not only are they beautiful but they’re super affordable too. Live plants bring energy into your home or apartment that few things can match. They grow, sprout new leaves, and bloom! Talk about some dynamic décor. There are SO many different types of house plants that you can purchase. All of which do well in most homes and apartments. Most need moderate-to-full sun, so be sure to place them near a window. Also, if you have pets, be sure to check the label. Some house plants can make them sick if they chew the leaves. Some of our favorite house plants for that cozy minimal bedroom decor aesthetic include:

Cozy Minimal Bedroom Decor Plant: Devil’s Ivy

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Price: $20 – $30
Care instructions: Devil’s Ivy (or Golden Pothos) needs bright, direct sunlight and a temperature of 60-80°F. Feed every 2 weeks with houseplant fertilizer, once a month in winter. You only need to water this guy once in a while. Bonus: It’s called Devil’s Ivy because it’s really hard to kill. Perfect for the beginner plant mom.

cozy minimal bedroom decor

Cozy Minimal Bedroom Decor Plant: Yucca Plant

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Price: $30 – $60
Care instructions: Yuca Plants love full, direct sunlight, so they’re excellent for a west-facing window. They can live in temperatures anywhere from 90F – 50F. Water regularly in the growing season, but make sure the plant has drainage and dries between waterings. The fastest way to kill a Yuca is to overwater it.

Cozy Minimal Bedroom Decor Plant: Swiss Cheese Plant

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Price: $20 – $30
Care instructions: Swiss Cheese Plants (or Monstera deliciosa) are tropical so they grow best in bright, indirect light, or partial shade. They like temperatures of around 60F-80F. Their leaves can easily burn if they’re placed in direct sunlight. They like being consistently moist, but not soaked. A little temperamental, but worth it.

cozy minimal bedroom decor

Cozy Minimal Bedroom Decor Plant: Rubber Tree

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Price: $15 – $30
Care instructions: Rubber Trees thrive in medium to bright indirect light. They like 65F-85F temperatures. Water them every 1-2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. These low-maintenance guys can grow to an incredible 30 feet if you’re patient enough!

cozy minimal bedroom decor

Cozy Minimal Decor: Snake Plant

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Price: $10 – $30
Care instructions: Probably the easiest plant on our list is the snake plant. Snake plants are virtually indestructible; they will thrive in either bright light or even in dark corners of your bedroom. They prefer being in areas that are 70F-90F. Water a snake plant sparingly. Overwatering is one of the only ways to kill these plants.

cozy minimal bedroom decor

Accessories Are Your Friend

Minimal doesn’t mean empty or barren. Adding things that lend an aesthetic appeal is certainly allowed and encouraged. That means accessories, which you can use to add a touch of style and flair to any room. (They can be functional also, but that isn’t strictly necessary.) The best thing about accessories is that they’re usually small-ish and affordable. Some of the nicest you can use to add to your living space include:

cozy minimal bedroom decor

Cozy Minimal Bedding

Throw pillows add that perfect bohemian vibe to a cozy minimal bedroom. You can find some really cute and trendy pillows at places like Urban Outfitters, World Market, and Crate and Barrel.

A good throw pillow will usually run you anywhere between $20 – $50 depending on the vibe you want. We suggest getting a few neutral color pillows for your bed to keep that minimal bedroom decor. This goes double for quilts and blankets.

You can find neutral-colored blankets and sheets just about anywhere that bedding is sold. Make sure you opt for a fuzzy fabric to keep those cozy vibes.

Bold, Statement Wall Art

We suggest keeping your walls pretty bare for that cozy minimal bedroom vibe. However, you should still have a few pieces. When you do choose your artwork, try one with a bold color or interesting design. This will help offset how simple the rest of your decor is.

Try supporting a small artist for that extra unique feel. Not only are you supporting someone’s dreams, but you’ll probably get quality work for an affordable price. You can get interesting and trendy wall decorations from local artists on websites like Etsy.

Small Accents Here and There

Accents like coffee table books, decorative bowls, and vases bring life to your minimalist bedroom. You can bring out a pop of color that matches your wall art or keep your accents neutral. Just remember not to overdo it with the small accents or else you’ll defeat the purpose of having a cozy minimal bedroom.

You can also play around with the “cozy” aspect by introducing incense or candles. Try choosing candles and incense with warm scents like vanilla or patchouli. We love getting candles from Target because they always have plain and simple designs that perfectly match the minimalist vibe.

Rugs Add a Dash Of Texture

If you’ve got wood floors (or even if you don’t), rugs add much-needed texture and cozy up any bedroom. Woven rugs made with natural fibers are a fave among many but throw rugs of all kinds work. They’re eye-catching, soothing, and add warmth to any room.

Plus, good quality, attractive rugs can usually be found at affordable prices. Most rug types will fit well with minimalism. Our favorites are ones with a natural texture like faux fur rugs or jute/bamboo rugs. But if you’re on a budget, cotton rugs look beautiful and are usually inexpensive.

Cozy Minimal Bedroom Decor Guide Brought to You By iStorage

Minimalism is not about not treating yourself. It’s about identifying the things that you truly want and celebrating what’s around you. It’s about decluttering your space and your mind so you can breathe easy. Start by getting rid of those things that don’t spark joy. Throw them out, put them in a storage unit or donate them. Then, fill your space with items that DO cause happiness. So go ahead, treat yourself, and good luck with your decorating!

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This article was originally posted on 03/05/2019. It was updated on 02/01/2021