What To Do the Summer Before College

If you just graduated from High School and are looking for things to do the summer before college break, you’re in the right spot!

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What To Do the Summer Before College

So you’ve just graduated high school? Congrats! If you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing with your summer – don’t worry. Most of your future peers probably don’t know either! According to a study by NSA, about half of college students used storage short-term, during summer break. That means students are probably moving back to their parent’s house when classes are not in session. Since you’re still at home too, why not make the most of your last summer before adulthood?

If you’re not paying rent quite yet, get an internship or a part-time job to save up some money! If you’re not tied down to a lease, why not do something spontaneous like travel? Read on for tips on how to make the most of things this summer before college.

Get a Job the Summer Before College

No matter how you’re paying for college, it never hurts to have some extra cash. To do that, you’ll need a way to make money. The good news is that there are plenty of jobs out there. Here are our favorite suggestions for jobs to get the summer before college:

Get a summer internship the summer before college.

Internships are an excellent way to jump-start your future career. Make sure to look out for paid internship positions.

Work as a server the summer before college.

Serving food is definitely challenging at times. However, the tips can be a great way to start saving money.

Try being a camp counselor for the summer.

You get to teach kiddos all about the outdoors! If you’re thinking of becoming an education major, camp counseling is a fun way to get experience.

What To Do the Summer Before College

Get a job as a lifeguard during the summer.

Lifeguarding is (mostly) easy and fun. Just make sure you’re a good swimmer in case you have to dive into action. Bonus, you get to hang out in the sun all day!

Work as a golf caddy at your local golf course.

There’s more to caddying than you’d think. But if you’re looking for good tips and some exercise, give it a try!

Become an online tutor during the summer semester.

If you’re good at a particular subject, online tutoring is a great way to earn extra cash. Plus, you can work from the comfort of your own home!

Get a job on a pet sitting or dog walking app.

If you love animals, this one’s a no-brainer. Talk about the best co-workers ever. Apps like Rover and Wag are an easy and fast way to get started in the pet-sitting game.

What To Do the Summer Before College

Find A Place to Live the Summer Before College

For those of you who will live in a dorm, you can skip this advice. TO everyone else – find a place to live ASAP! The decision on where to live is super important. Having a comfortable place can make your time at college so much easier. To help you start your search, keep these factors in mind:

Pick a place within walking distance of your campus.

Even if your school has buses — waiting on buses gets old really fast, especially in cities with extreme seasons. Living near your school offers you a chance to walk to class. It’s a great way to get daily exercise and to soak in some vitamin D. Additionally if you live near campus, you won’t have to pay for that dreaded campus parking pass.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

Trust us, don’t wait till the last minute to start searching. This is especially true if you’re going to a big-ish university or college with lots of students. Lots of students mean lots of your peers will be looking for apartments also. If you wait too long, you might have to settle for something that isn’t ideal. 

Choose your roommates wisely.

Are all your roommates’ habits compatible? Would they study as much as you want? Are they clean-ish, respectful, and reliable? Not getting along with your roommates is never fun. So make sure you’re making the right choice! The better your living situation, the better your college experience – no lie!

What To Do the Summer Before College

Travel the Summer Before College

It’s going to be “all gas, no breaks” starting in the fall. You’ll be studying hard (and maybe working on top of that) for the next 4 years. Getting thrown into adulthood is stressful. It might be hard to find time to break out of your routine. So, if the opportunity arises this summer, TRAVEL! Go see something that blows your soon-to-be-freshman mind!

The thing is, travel is definitely expensive. We realize that not everyone can afford it while trying to save up before college. But, if you can swing it – going somewhere, anywhere, is an excellent way to spend your summer. For those of us on a budget, here are a few suggestions on how to travel the summer before college:

  • Volunteer with a church group going on a bus tour. Often, they need people to help organize everything and also stay organized on the road. Volunteer, and you get to go wherever they go!
  • Enroll in a foreign exchange student program. If you qualify, you’ll go to another nation for free while you learn about their country and customs! Keep in mind, you need to start applying for spots in these programs early. 
  • Volunteer for a humanitarian trip abroad. Trips like these can be demanding but they’re also eye-opening and life-changing.
  • Work as a volunteer in a national park. You’ll get to travel around and help preserve trails in some of the nations most beautiful spots.

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Rent a Storage Unit Near Your School

Under “things to do during summer break college,” we bet you don’t have to “find a storage unit.” We know, we know – high school graduates don’t spend much time thinking about storage. But you will! In fact, a recent study by NSA found that 50% of college students used storage at least once. Storage units come in handy for moving, especially when you’re going to a small space (aka a dorm). With a storage unit, you could get a head start moving your things to your new town. If you live a long distance away from your school, that saves you a lot of stress.

Storage units are also handy for items you still need but don’t want to keep in your dorm (like that fluffy winter jacket you’ll need in a couple months). If you end up needing storage, call iStorage (that’s us!). We’re a great storage option for college students because we’re affordable and offer month-to-month leases. We bet there’s an iStorage location near your future school, too!

Do Things With Your Closest Friends

Warning: we’re about to get mushy. One of the more important things to do with your summer before college is to simply hang out with your friends. After you start school, everything is going to change. Your friends all have their own plans, whether it involves college or not. Some of them might be going to different schools, and some of them will probably be very far away. It’s possible you won’t see a few friends for a long time. So, make these last few weeks count.

What To Do the Summer Before College

What Will You Do the Summer Before College?

So, did any of this give you ideas? Let us know in the comments! Whatever you decide to do this summer, we know you’re going to have a blast at college. If you need help with moving or storage while you’re there, let us know! You can chat with us online anytime. Visit one of our locations in your college or university town too if you like! Our on-site managers are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful! Until then, high school graduate, we hope your summer is one for the books!

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