Transform Your Spare Room

father with two children, playing with toys in the room

Everyone dreams of adding a home office, media room, or even a home gym to make their home extra special. If you have a bonus room that you want to turn into one of these special rooms, we’ve advice below that will help! One thing is certain, a bonus room can make suburban living much more enjoyable.

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What, Exactly, is a Bonus Room?

A bonus room is any spare room in your home that isn’t being used for something specific, like an empty bedroom, a side room, or a finished basement or attic. As the name suggests, it’s a “bonus,” like getting an extra donut with your dozen. Because it’s not being used, you can turn a bonus room into anything you want. Bonus rooms also add value to your home and, even better, can be changed to fit your needs. That makes a bonus room one of the most valuable rooms in your home.

What Should I Do with My Bonus Room?

What should you do with your bonus room? Anything you like! That’s the beauty of a bonus room; like a fresh piece of canvas, you can create the kind of room you’ve always wanted. One suggestion before you choose what to do with the space is to consider what your spare room offers. For example, does it have a bathroom? Is it at the top or bottom of a stairway that would need to be climbed? Is it in a quiet area of your home? Or next to the kitchen or living room where there’s always a commotion? These things will factor into your decision, so be sure to consider them.

Bonus Room Ideas to Start Today

Create a Playroom for your Kids

If you have children, you know that they always need extra room to play. You can easily turn a bonus room into a playroom that they (and you) will love! You can fill it with child-sized furniture, bean bag chairs, and plenty of storage for toys. A bookshelf or two for books, toys, magazines, and video games would be perfect, also.

Turn your Bonus Room into a Game Room

Nowadays, everyone is playing video and board games, and many families even have “game nights.” Turning your bonus room into a game room could allow the entire family to play together in comfort. (No more squeezing around the kitchen table.)

Create a Home Gym 

Always wanted to get in better shape but hate going to the gym? Turning your bonus room into a home gym could be your answer. Even a small bonus room would work since you don’t need an abundance of space. Put in your Peloton, Bowflex, or indoor bike, grab some free weights and a few kettlebells, and you’ll be all set! The best part? No sharing equipment and the only person staring at your new physique will be you!

Add a Home Theatre 

Going to the movies isn’t what it used to be before the pandemic. A home theater in your bonus room would let you watch all your fave movies and TV shows without leaving the comfort of home! Plus, you’ll always get the best seats, and the popcorn won’t blow your budget out of the water!

Turn it Into a Guest Bedroom

Turning your bonus room into a spare bedroom is ideal if you always seem to have guests but never enough beds. One caveat is that you should only do this if there’s also a spare bathroom next to your spare room. That way, there are no awkward moments.

Make your Bonus Room a Music Room

Is music your passion, but you have no place to set up your instruments, speakers, and gear? If so, your bonus room might be a great choice. One suggestion if you use it as a music room is that it’s far enough away from your bedrooms. The last thing household members want is to be bothered by loud music while trying to get some shut-eye!

How Much Value Does a Bonus Room Add?

Experts say that the value a finished bonus room adds to your home is between $10,000 and $30,000. Of course, that depends on its size, how well-finished it is, and several other factors. Still, the fact that you have a bonus room adds so much value to your home.

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