Construction Storage Protects Your Tools and Keeps Your Project Moving


About Construction Storage

A commitment of weeks or months of hard work on a construction project brings with it weeks or months spent worrying about equipment. Transporting and maintaining equipment are major concerns. When production stalls because equipment has been damaged or stolen, it's more than just a source of frustration. It can mean lost income. Contractors and construction workers need to know that the tools of their trade will remain in good condition when not in use so projects can go on as scheduled.

When You Need Self Storage for Construction

Construction contractors and employees have two choices if there is no storage for their equipment and tools. They can haul it to and from the work site every day for the duration of the job. Or they can leave it at the work site and pray for good weather so rain or other environmental threats don't cause any damage. Leaving items at the work site also puts it in danger of being vandalized or stolen. Neither of these options is ideal. Self-storage could be the solution.

Tools, tool boxes, wood, metal rods, and many other items a construction contractor might need for most projects don't take up a great deal of space. A unit as small as 10x20 is often large enough for most construction storage.

You can even fit a small pickup truck or forklift in a 10x20 unit with the tools. If you choose this option, just make sure you put the items you use the most toward the front of the unit so you can get to them quickly on days you don't need the truck or forklift.

How Can Self Storage Protect Your Equipment?

Constant monitoring ensures that the interior temperature of climate-controlled storage remains within a specified range. This added feature costs more than basic storage but far less than repairing or replacing equipment or supplies that have been damaged by weather conditions.

Security is also an important consideration given the value of your tools, equipment, and supplies. iStorage facilities have gated access and security cameras to guard your items against potential thieves. Other security features include on-site management, well-lit grounds, and alarms.

iStorage has the right size units and additional features to ensure that your construction tools and equipment stay safe and in good condition when they're not in use. Contact a location near you to learn more. And don't forget to ask about our move-in promotions.

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