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About Storage for Documents and Records

Although an increasingly environmentally conscious attitude has many companies striving for paperless operations, paperwork is still very much part of running a business. Many simply don't believe it's safe to maintain records only in a digital format. Other companies can't afford the software that's required to create and maintain digital records. Considering that some regulations require companies to keep certain records for as long as 10 years, deciding how to store them is an important decision.

iStorage understands that the safety of your records is a primary consideration when choosing a document storage company. The safety and security of your records is a top priority for us. We offer 24/7 electronic access so you can get to your documents at any time. Alarms, security cameras, document shredders, and climate control storage options are available at most facilities to ensure that your business files, inventory, and promotional material are protected. Find an iStorage location near you today to get the document storage you need!

When You Need Storage for your Documents and Records

Whether information about you and your business or information about your customers, keeping sensitive information private is a big concern. You need to know that the wrong pair of eyes won't gain access to your documents. Their safety and protection are essential.

iStorage takes your safety concerns seriously, and we take multiple steps to safeguard your records. Business owners can rest easy knowing that security gates, keypad entry systems, security cameras, a strong perimeter fence, and outdoor lighting are in place at our storage facilities.

We have taken steps to address the following concerns you may have when storing records and documents.

  • Extreme temperatures and humidity
  • Space
  • Access
  • Cost
  • Document shredding

When You Need Storage for your Medical Records

Some healthcare providers want the security of storing paper copies of patient histories in a safe, private location. It is critical to both the patient and the provider that the contents of paper records remain private and can only be seen by authorized personnal. iStorage is the perfect solution. Read more.

How to Store Paper Documents in Self Storage

The best container for storing paper documents depends on how much security and protection you need. Open shelving units, cardboard boxes, and plastic containers are all popular options.

  • A standard cardboard record storage box measures 10x12x15 inches and can easily hold 30 pounds of paper. You can stack these boxes vertically, but metal shelving is a more stable way of utilizing vertical space.
  • A 10×10 unit with shelving can accommodate about 245 standard record storage boxes. Using the same shelving, a larger unit, such as a 10×30, can hold up to 735 boxes.
  • Storing your documents in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes is a great alternative if you're concerned about floodwater. To make sure the bin is watertight, make sure the lids are completely on so water can’t get in.
  • Transporting and storing your documents in metal filing cabinets is an excellent option. Getting a few cabinets into storage is simpler and faster than carrying multiple boxes. And the metal cabinet itself provides protection in two ways. The metal surrounding your files is a shield against the elements, and because even the lowest drawer is off the ground, paper is protected from ground moisture.

Whatever container you use to store your records and documents, organization is crucial so be sure to label each box, bin, or cabinet drawer.

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