Office Storage Makes Running Your Business Easier


About Office Storage

Think self-storage facilities are just for temporary storage? Think again. As a business owner, you may not have considered the many ways office storage can help your business run more smoothly. Office storage space can play a critical role in growing any business.

When You Need Office Storage

Document storage

Paperwork is probably not at the top of the list of things you love about running a business. It is, however, necessary. Between legal guidelines for retaining tax forms and related documentation and the volumes of receipts, customer records, job applications, and other paperwork that can't be discarded, it can pile up quickly. A storage unit could be the solution. Do you have boxes stacked in offices or hallways? Get them out of your office space and into storage. This not only creates more usable square footage, it also protects your privacy by keeping employees from accidentally seeing documents you would prefer they not see.  And with climate-controlled units, there are no worries about damage from heat, cold, or other environmental dangers that they may be exposed to in a warehouse.

Here are a few tips for packing your documents:

  • Put documents you expect to need most often near the front of your office storage unit
  • Use airtight packing, and make sure your documents are dry before storing
  • Store containers of files on pallets to keep them off the ground and provide an extra layer of protection from moisture.
  • Label your files carefully

Furniture storage

As a business owner, there are many times that you would like to temporarily remove furniture from your premises. Temporary seasonal help needs a place to work, but what do you do with the tables, chairs, desks, and other furniture they use when they're gone? Office storage is a great option. Or maybe you're painting or otherwise renovating the office. Instead of worrying about covering everything and moving furniture, put it in storage until the renovations are complete. And when you're moving to a new location, an office storage unit is the perfect way to manage moving furniture and equipment.

Here are a few tips for packing furniture:

  • Cover furniture with drop cloths but do it loosely so air can still flow through
  • Use pallets to raise your furniture off the ground and provide additional protection from moisture
  • Protect your furniture's corners and edges with appropriate packing materials
  • Maximize storage space by placing boxes on top of desks and smaller items inside drawers

Inventory and product storage

The amount of inventory you need in your place of business can fluctuate throughout the year. Or if you run an e-commerce business, you may need to keep just a few items in your office but also need an extensive inventory so you can ship whatever a client wants when he wants it. Either situation can make managing inventory difficult. Office storage can help. Shelving can keep things organized. Keep only what you need in your place of business, and store the rest. Products can go in and out of your storage unit with ease whenever needed. Reduce clutter at your office and streamline your inventory so your business has room to grow.

Here are a few tips for packing inventory:

  • Clearly document what you've stored, included the quantity of each item and its location in your business self-storage unit
  • Consider shelving for extra organization
  • Use pallets to keep inventory items off the ground and provide added protection from moisture
  • Speak to the storage facility about any climate-control needs you may have



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