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About Pharmaceutical Rep Storage

Successful pharmaceutical sales representatives must always have pills, pamphlets and products on hand and ready to go for whatever need a client may have. Don't let the size of your inventory and the wide range of storage needs of your products distract you from sales success. Self-storage can address these needs and do it in a secure environment that keeps your products out of the wrong hands. Here are a few ways self-storage may be the right prescription for your pharmaceutical storage needs.

Manage Extra Supplies

At all times, you have to stock boxes of samples and full-size prescription bottles. These boxes come in all shapes and sizes. You also have to keep pamphlets and other product information on hand and accessible at various stages of your sales cycle with a variety of customers. Keeping track of all this can quickly become overwhelming. Outside pharmaceutical sales reps, in particular, often have cars that are overflowing with all their supplies. Pharmaceutical rep self-storage gets extra supplies into a secure location that can be accessed exactly when needed.

Storing Sensitive Materials

Proper storage of drug products protects the consumer and is essential for any pharmaceutical sales rep.

As part of its effort to protect patients and consumers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created specific rules and regulations related to the proper storage of prescription drugs. Below are some highlights:

  • Wholesale drug distributors must have a formal, written process about the receipt, handling, storage, and identification of sensitive items.
  • Care must be taken to avoid cross-contamination of various materials.
  • Items should be kept in bags or boxes that are placed off the floor.
  • Containers should be labeled in a manner that clearly describes their contents.

Climate Controlled Access for Medical Pharmaceutical Materials

Careful examination of TTSPP labels will reveal whether any ingredients in the prescriptions you stock require specific storage conditions. Temperature ranges should be listed on the label so you know precisely what ranges are acceptable.

Climate-controlled storage units are available in some locations. If temperature requirements exist for your sensitive items, we will make sure that your storage unit precisely meets those requirements.

Because climate-controlled storage units are also enclosed, all you have to do is note the required temperature. An enclosed storage means you don't have to worry about your items facing exposure to environmental threats.

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