Real Estate Storage for all the things that contribute to your success


About Storage for Real Estate Agents

Successful real estate agents know that sales skills aren't enough. Organized files, open house signs, and home decor all contribute to their success. The truth, however, is that many real estate offices don't have room to store it all, which leaves agents in search of a solution.

State laws that require real estate agents to keep their records for years mean that paperwork piles up for years before it can be thrown out, making the need for storage even greater. So where can a real estate agent turn for their storage needs? iStorage.

Renting storage for your tools of the trade might sound over the top at first, but when it comes to the real estate business, self-storage can be the perfect solution. With all sizes of units and a variety of security measures, it's an option worth considering.

When You Need Real Estate Storage

Real estate storage is an excellent tool for organizing the things you need to succeed. Here are a few ways it can help:

Store Files Off-site

So you have boxes and boxes of documents that you don't need in your office anymore, but you're not ready or able to part with them yet either. Off-site storage could be the solution. iStorage provides security cameras and climate-controlled units that provide the safety and protection you need to feel confident about storing your files off-site.

If you have just a few file cabinets or a small stack of plastic storage containers you want to get off your floor or out of your closet, a smaller storage unit, such as a 5×5, can do the job. You can even fit in some signs and other items.

Store Your Signs and Other Supplies

With the amount of small accessories a real estate agent needs to promote their brand, it's easy for items to be damaged or lost. Brochures and banners can be crushed or torn under a pile of signs and flyer boxes. Ever had to dig through a bunch of items to find a lockbox for the keys to a property? Or misplaced a box of business cards? It's easy to do. The items you present to the public need to be in top condition. A wrinkled brochure or a dented sign don't make the impression you want and need.

Renting a storage unit lets you keep everything in one spot. Something small would probably do the trick since most of your items are small. You could even share one with other agents in your office. A couple of shelves or labels on your boxes would make sure everyone knew which items belong to them.

Location, location, location. It's important in real estate and when choosing an iStorage location. Give some thought to how often you'll need to visit your unit. Many of our facilities have 24-hour access, but some have traditional business hours. Make sure the hours of operation for the location you choose works with your schedule of showings and open houses.

Store Furniture for Home Showings

How you present a home in an open house is key to its sale. Potential buyers need to see the home's potential. They need to be able to envision themselves and their furniture in a home. Some real estate agents have furniture or decor that they use just for this purpose. You don't need to find room in your office or basement for these items between showings. Put them in storage, and bring them out when you need them.

The storage experts at iStorage would love to talk to you about how we can help your real estate business. Come by or give us a call today. And don't forget to ask about our move-in promotions.

Self Storage Locations

iStorage has a wide selection of self storage facilities across 23 states. Search for a secure and affordable storage unit near you.

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