Clear Up Space with Retail Storage


About Retail inventory Storage

If your retail business stockroom is overflowing with inventory, supplies, and seasonal decorations and fixtures, a self storage unit could be the perfect solution. Excess stock can take over rooms, cabinets, and floors that could be better used. A self storage unit can streamline your business operation by organizing inventory and increasing efficiency.

With access before and after retail store hours, storage facilities can meet a variety of retail storage needs. Many items that are sold in a retail business can benefit from climate controlled storage that protects your inventory from heat, cold, humidity, and moisture. Inventory is an investment and is crucial to your business so state-of-the-art secured self storage is essential. iStorage offers climate controlled storage units in well-lit and clean facilities with gated access that requires a personal code, 24/7 security cameras and alarm systems for peace-of-mind about your inventory's protection. For added convenience, with permission from the renter, most of our storage facilities can accept deliveries for your business.

When You Need Storage for your Retail Inventory

The abundance of inventory that's required to meet customer demands during the busy October to December holiday season can force shop owners to find additional retail inventory storage. Holiday fixtures, signage, and decorations can take up vital space on your sales floor, forcing other items off the floor. And when the holiday is over, you have to find room to squeeze everything back into your store's back room. Store these items at an off-site storage facility instead. The cost per square foot can be lower than renting more space for your brick and mortar store, and it's easy to set up an inventory management system for the items you keep in self storage

Advantages of Retail Inventory Storage

Security for your documents, equipment, and other items

  • Thieves can easily access the inventory at many retail businesses. In fact, some stores lose more revenue to burglars than they do to shoplifters.
  • Off-site business storage in a secure, safe location protects retail stock from burglars. The only people who will have access to your locked storage unit are the ones you entrust with a key.
  • On-site staff protects your commercial storage unit and are at the facility seven days a week at most locations for ultimate peace of mind and security.

Important documents are out of the office

  • Do you keep sensitive documents about your business operations in your office? Theft of trade secrets is a real and dangerous threat.
  • Self storage keeps sensitive documents like accounting records and information about proprietary technology out of your office and away from the eyes of people you prefer not to see them. Confidential communications stay confidential.

Control who can access your unit and its contents

  • Secure your commercial storage unit with a padlock and keep the only key yourself or make copies for other staff.
  • When you have the only key to the unit, you have ultimate control over access.
  • Providing a key to other staff members can make everything from purchasing inventory to fulfilling orders run smoothly.
  • Self storage can be an essential part of your retail inventory and stock management.


Self Storage Locations

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