iStorage: Moving Boxes


Discovering that you have the wrong supplies or not enough supplies can cause major headaches on the day you plan on moving your things into storage. Planning is the secret to avoiding this problem. Start by considering what you need to move and using the guidelines below to figure out how many moving boxes you need. Pack heavier items in smaller boxes. Increase the size of your box as the weight of the objects decrease. For your convenience, iStorage locations offer boxes on-site at very reasonable prices.

Types of Boxes

  • Small boxes measure 1.5 cubic feet (17" x 12 3/8" x 12 3/8") and are also referred to as book boxes. These boxes are good for heavier items like books, shoes, canned goods, and tools.
  • Medium boxes are twice the size of a small box at 3.0 cubic feet (10 1/8" x 18" x 16"). Also referred to as all-purpose boxes, they are good for moderately heavy items like dishes, kitchen utensils, monitors, toys, games, and pots and pans.
  • Large boxes are three times the size of a small box at 4.5 cubic feet (18" x 18" x 24"). Pack your lightweight bulky items like comforters, pillows, lamps, clothes, linens, and light toys in them.
  • Wardrobe boxes include a metal bar for hanging your clothes, so they stay wrinkle-free and are also good for drapes and duvet covers.
  • Picture boxes are narrow, flat boxes that are perfect for storing pictures or mirrors.

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