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About Long-Term storage

Whether you need storage for a few months or a couple of years, iStorage has you covered. Our low-cost, long-term storage options provide peace of mind. You'll know your belongings are safe from theft and damage for as long as you need us. We have space for what matters most at iStorage.

Tips for Packing Long-Term

If you need the protection and security of a storage unit for more than three months, long-term storage is what you're looking for. Here are a few ways you can make the most of long-term storage:

  • Avoid packing items in plastic bags. Many people believe that plastic will protect their belongings from water better than boxes, but the opposite is actually true. Plastic doesn't breathe and can trap humidity and moisture, speeding up the development of mold and mildew.
  • Buy sturdy boxes. Used boxes from your local grocery store are free, but they aren't as safe for your items as new, more sturdy boxes are. Boxes that are similar in size and in good repair are easier to stack and access than boxes weakened by prior use.
  • Treat fragile items gently. Individually wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, newspaper, or both. On the outside of the boxes you pack them in, clearly indicate that the box's contents are fragile. To ensure they are handled carefully, keep them together and in an area that's separate from other stored items.
  • Seal clothes and fabrics in vacuum-sealed bags to protect them from damage. If you don't have vacuum-sealed bags, they are worth the investment if you're storing a wardrobe, valuable curtains, or anything else made of fabric.
  • Clean appliances and wrap their cords. Always wipe down the inside of appliances that will be stored for over three months. Using some baking soda or bleach with your water is an easy way to clean them thoroughly. Leave appliance doors ajar and the cords carefully wrapped. Mold that is already present on appliances you bring into storage can spread to other items.
  • Protect your items by placing them on pallets. You can often get them free from home improvement stores. This simple step adds another layer of protection from moisture and other threats and allows air to circulate.

The storage experts at iStorage can help find the right long-term storage option for you. Call or visit today to find out about our move-in promotions!


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