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About Temporary Storage

Temporary storage needs can arise for many reasons. Maybe you're moving to a smaller home and need somewhere to put furniture and other items that won't fit into your new place. Or maybe you're renovating your home or office and prefer to just get everything out for a while instead of trying to cover and protect everything in your home. Any storage need that's less than three months is considered temporary storage, and iStorage has a variety of solutions for those needs. Whether you need temporary mini storage or a larger space, we have a size to fit your need. Our flexible leases allow you to store your items at iStorage for whatever amount of time you need, and easy access and a friendly staff make the process simple.


When You Need Temporary Storage

Many people are surprised at the number of problems that can be solved with temporary storage. When you're selling your home, experts recommend staging your home for potential buyers. This means removing lots of your personal items, so people can picture their own items in your home. But what are you supposed to do with all those things? Temporary storage facilities are a great option. During a renovation, it can be difficult to cover every item that could be damaged, and moving items from one room to another without breaking anything or making it difficult to get around in your home is a real challenge. Temporary storage units get them completely off your property, removing worries about damaged items and stress that comes from maneuvering around things in tight quarters.


We frequently have customers who need temporary storage because moving dates don't match up. This could be because a closing date is pushed out, your new apartment isn't ready when you are, or many other reasons. Temporary storage gives you a place to put everything until you get the go-ahead to move into your new place.


Packing Tips for Temporary Storage

With temporary storage, your items are stored for less than three months, which means that preparation is different than it would be if you were putting your items in storage for a long period of time. Here are a few tips for packing for temporary storage:


Since there isn't as much time for dirt and moisture to get into your stored items, protection from them doesn't have to be as extensive as it would if you were storing them for a long time. Dust covers and something as simple as sheets or other large pieces of cloth is often sufficient.


When you're storing items for just a couple of months, you want to be able to get in and out of your unit quickly. This can be done by leaving an aisle in the middle of your storage unit. Arrange items against the walls of your unit and use vertical space so you can leave a clear walkthrough.

Fragile items are the one thing that require a bit more attention with temporary storage than with long-term storage. Because they are being moved around more often, it’s important to protect them against breaking or shifting. You can do this by making sure you use bubble wrap and other materials to provide a cushion around them inside the box and by clearly labeling the outside of the box so that anyone lifting it knows to handle the box with care.


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