Personal Storage with iStorage Cleans Up the Clutter


About Personal storage

If you're running out of space to keep your belongings at home, personal storage is an excellent option. Accessing what you need in your basement or garage is easier when boxes and boxes of seasonal decorations and clothing are out of the way.  If holiday decorations and seasonal clothing have taken over your basement, putting them in storage means no more maneuvering around all those piles and boxes to retrieve something else or get to your laundry area. The reasons you may need a personal storage unit are many, and our nationwide locations offer a wide variety of storage options to fit them. Our professional staff will work with you to find the right size unit for your needs and provide any other materials or services you may need.

Personal storage units at iStorage give you autonomy with features like extended or 24/7 access that gives you access at your convenience. Unlike a public facility, the space of a single unit is typically enough for your furniture, appliances, and other items. We've added a variety of options to fit your need, whether the items you're storing are personal or business related.

Drive-up access allows direct transportation of your items from vehicle to storage unit. Most important, however, are features like cameras and keypad entry that provide controlled access you don't get with a typical public facility.

For added convenience, many locations sell boxes, locks, and packaging supplies, and some offer free use of a truck.

Popular unit sizes include:

  • 5x10 - about the size of a large walk-in closet
  • 10x10 - about the size of a child's bedroom
  • 10x20 - about the size of a one-car garage
  • 15x20 - about the size of a large master bedroom
  • 20x20 - about the size of a two-car garage

When You Need Personal Storage

Anything in your life that creates clutter or a need to reduce the number of items in your home is a reason for using personal storage. Clear out anything that isn't baby friendly before your due date, or make room for parents or in-laws to move in. Keep your items in storage as long as you want, and know that they are safe and secure.

Moving, Buying or Selling a Home

Relocating for work, but haven't bought a home yet? Store your items while you're living in a temporary and smaller place. If you're selling your home, staging it for potential buyers means getting rid of many personal items. You don't have to get rid of them. Rent a storage unit, and you'll have easy access to them once you're in your new home.

Paying for a Bit of Extra Space

If you're thinking about moving into a larger home because your stuff is taking over your current home, consider whether it would be more cost-effective to rent a storage unit.

Protecting an Investment

Utilize personal mini-storage for personal collections or rent a larger unit for muscle or antique cars and preserve the value of your investment.

Talk to the storage experts at iStorage to identify the best storage option for you and learn about our move-in promotions.


Self Storage Locations

iStorage has a wide selection of self storage facilities across 23 states. Search for a secure and affordable storage unit near you.

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