Short-Term Storage Solutions for Life's Short-Term Problems


About Short-Term Storage

Are you moving to a new home that won't be able to hold all the furniture in your current home? Are you remodeling your home? If you need a place to put some belongings for three months or less, iStorage has the perfect short-term storage solution for you. With self-storage units of all sizes, we can help with your storage needs both large and small. Flexible lease terms and friendly professional staff make renting with us hassle-free, and getting your items into storage doesn't get any easier than our convenient, drive-up units.

When You Need Short-Term Storage

Short-term storage units can solve many of life's little problems. If you need to get some items out of the house for a party or to host an open house, short-term storage can provide you with the means to clear out the clutter.  Maybe you're tired of maneuvering through the tight spaces in your garage every day to get to your car. Boxes of unused items that you just can't get rid of because they have sentimental value or an overstuffed attic are all situations where short-term storage units can help.

If you're subletting your apartment for a while or will be away traveling for a month or two, a self-storage unit can keep all of your items safe until your return. There are also many home jobs that short-term storage can make less stressful. A broken pipe at home that threatens to damage furniture or other belongings or any home repair that's going to involve extensive gutting or construction are situations where getting items out of your home to avoid damage helps you sleep better at night. Whether it's a situation you have time to plan or an unexpected event that forces you to get some items out of your home, the experts at iStorage can lighten the burden with super convenient units that fit any storage needs you have.

Packing Tips for Short-Term Storage

Protecting belongings that will be stored for under three months is simpler than protecting items you'll be storing for a long period. Nevertheless, there are still a few precautions you should take to ensure everything remains in top condition when you return.

Since your items won't be left in storage for very long, dirt won't have much time to settle, and moisture is less likely to seep in. Dust covers are a good idea in this situation and can replace the more intensive packing involved with long-term storage. Sheets draped over large pieces of furniture may be all the protection required.

To make getting in and out of your self storage unit as easy as possible, leave an aisle in the middle. You’ll be coming and going to your unit, and there's no need to spend lots of time retrieving your items because of an unorganized space. Arranging items against the wall and maximizing use of vertical space leave a clear walkthrough.

Fragile items are the one thing that may require a little more attention with short-term storage than they do with long-term storage. Since they are being moved around more often, it’s important to protect them against breakage or shifting by packing them in bubble wrap, newspaper, or both and clearly marking the outside of the box so anyone picking it up knows that careful handling is required.

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