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About Sailboat Storage

Whether you sail a single-mast sloop or a six-mast schooner, when the weather turns cold and boating season comes to a close, the shape and size of a sailboat make storage a challenge. iStorage offers both indoor and outdoor storage for your short-term and long-term sailboat storage needs.

Sailboats take up lots of space. If you don't have your own dock, storing your boat in a driveway, yard, or garage is less than desirable. While these options provide the space you need, that space is often needed for other purposes. Or you may find yourself in a situation where your homeowners' association or city regulations prohibit storing a boat on your property.

When You Need Sailboat Storage


Maneuvering through tight spaces around your boat to get to something in the garage. Family and visitors struggling to find room to park in your driveway. Neighbors who are unhappy about the street space your boat takes up and the visibility problems it creates. With sailboats averaging 15 to 28 feet in length, and some even larger, these are all real problems that can be solved by putting your boat in storage.


Neighborhoods often impose rules meant to preserve the appearance of property. Among these is sometimes is a rule that says you can't park a boat in your driveway. This leaves you with the choice to move or get your sailboat off your property.


A boat left outside your home can attract thieves and vandals, and weather can damage surfaces. Boat storage that provides security measures and protection from winter ice, snow, and wind, ensures that your watercraft remains in good condition. You can rest assured that your sailboat will be ready to use as soon as temperatures rise in the spring.


There are two options worth considering when deciding on a location for your sailboat storage. A location near home means fast access when nice weather returns. A location near your favorite boating spot, however, can save money on gas when you're ready to hit the water.


Docking a boat is the most convenient storage option available, but constant exposure to water quickly damages any watercraft. Storing your boat in a dry environment prevents fiberglass blistering and other damage from constant exposure. Dry storage avoids this damage and the high cost of repairing it.

Winter Protection

Your sailboat, like a car or any other vehicle, requires special care when temperatures drop. A climate-controlled indoor storage unit can protect it from freezing temperatures, cold winds, and the ice and snow of winter, extending the life of your prized watercraft.

Types of Boat Storage

Here are a few things to discuss with your iStorage professional when deciding on the best storage option for you:

Indoor Boat Storage

  • Drive-up access.
  • Extra large indoor storage spaces provide varying sizes and shapes of sailboats with protection from natural threats. Don't forget to add the length and width of your trailer when calculating the right size for you.
  • Security features including 24-hour video recordings, electronic-gated access, and well-lit surroundings provide peace of mind.
  • Heated and unheated boat storage is available.

Outdoor Boat Storage

  • iStorage offers open areas with security features like 24-hour video recordings, electronic-gated access, and well-lit surroundings to create a safe environment for your boat.
  • Paved parking areas avoid possible damage from gravel or grass surfaces.
  • Outdoor parking spaces typically start at 20 feet and come in lengths to fit any size sailboat.
  • If you choose outdoor sailboat storage, we recommend a high-quality boat cover to guard against precipitation and sun.

Covered Boat Storage

  • Covered storage spaces protect your investment from the elements with a roof similar to that of a carport.
  • The cost of this option is more than uncovered outdoor storage but less than indoor storage.
  • iStorage offers flexible lease terms to fit your needs. We even have a month-to-month option that gives you ultimate flexibility.

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