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About Jet Ski Storage

Ideally, you'd love to be able to enjoy your jet ski and other warm-weather toys year round, but the reality is that when temperatures fall, summer toys have to be put away. Storing your jet ski at home either indoor or outdoor takes up much-needed space. You may prefer indoor storage to avoid worries about damage from snow, ice, or frigid temperatures -- or you may not have these concerns and just need an outdoor spot. Whichever option is best for you, iStorage offers the perfect solution.

When You Need Jet Ski Storage

Indoor jet ski storage provides protection from harsh winter weather. The size of your jet ski trailer will be a major consideration when selecting a storage unit, and iStorage provides several sizes of storage units to meet a variety of requirements. 10x10 units can accommodate some jet ski trailers, and our 10x15 and 10x20 storage options are perfect for double trailers or larger. Our drive-up access makes parking your trailer inside an easy task.

If you live where winters are mild or you aren't too concerned about exposing your jet ski to the elements, outdoor storage is available at very affordable rates. Although outdoor storage doesn't give you the same level of protection, it still frees up space at your home and provides multiple security features including a fenced perimeter, gated access, and security cameras.

Winterize your Jet Ski Before Storing

To keep your jet ski in top condition through the winter and make sure your next summer is as fun as the last one, take the time to winterize your jet ski before placing it in storage. Take it for one final warm weather spin and then prepare your summer toy for months of storage. Getting all the water out of the engine and disconnecting the battery are necessary to avoid freezing fluids and a drained battery. The battery can be stored indoors through the winter, attached to a charger if you'd like. Taking a little time to give it a good wipe down with a car safe soap and scratch free cloth and following with a buff and wax will leave it clean, shiny, and ready for another season of fun!

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