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About Medical Records Storage

The trend in healthcare is for hospitals and other providers to move away from paper files to electronic systems. Some healthcare providers, however, are uncomfortable with only electronic versions of patient histories and have chosen to maintain hard copies as a backup. Medical records are the ultimate in private information, so it's critical to both the patient and the provider that the contents of paper records remain private and can only be seen by authorized personnel. Steps must be taken to prevent unwanted access to information like address and medical history of a patient.

While many healthcare providers designate specific rooms in their buildings for storing hard copies of patient records, there are times like renovation, construction, or a move when a temporary relocation of files is needed. iStorage is the perfect solution.

Warehouse rental is an option used by some healthcare providers in these situations, but self-storage can be less costly and provide essential features you may not get with a warehouse. Some storage facilities specialize in document storage and offer security and other measures to ensure papers remain clean, legible, and secure.

Tips for Storing Your Medical Records

When storing paper documents, there are many factors to consider. When those documents contain private patient information, these factors are even more vital. Environmental elements like temperature and light effect paper. Light causes paper to brown and ink to fade. Here are some things to keep in mind with medical records storage:

  • Place documents you expect to access in the front of the storage unit. Doing this avoids time spent digging through boxes when you need them.
  • Make sure your items are dry when you place them in storage. The best way to avoid damage from mold is to keep your documents dry from the beginning.
  • Place documents and other valuables on wood pallets. The elevation this provides will keep them out of the water in the unlikely event of a flood and will allow air circulation that will speed drying if they would get wet.
  • Limit access to your unit and secure it with good locks. This ensures that patient records are kept private and confidential. iStorage locations provide many security measures, but your diligence in protecting the security of your unit helps ensure the safety of your documents.
  • Label and date boxes. It will save you lots of headaches when you need to locate a particular document.
  • Organize your boxes by year and type of record. This is another step you can take to make it easier when you're looking for something specific.
  • Store your documents in a location that's convenient for your office. This way, you can quickly access your documents and records when needed.
  • Choose a unit that is right for you. iStorage offers a variety of unit sizes and styles and can help you decide which one best fits your needs.

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